Thaksin Focus: Thaksin? A Shread of Aung San Suu Kyi in him?


Is it about one and only me, or is it about the many more of me

Many say much of what is occurring in Thailand is about coup ousted former Thai Prime Minister Taksin. And many say what is motivating Taksin is namely his US$2 billion assets frozen by Thai courts, as a result of accused corruption.

“It is ridiculous how Cambodia Prime Minister said Taksin is the same as Aung San who is fighting for Burmese Democracy. Taksin is nothing but an egotistic power monger who wants his money back…He is causing a great deal of problem between Thailand and Cambodia, said a former BBC journalist in Thailand, televised by the Thai government controlled TV, just hours ago.

Over 15,000 websites have been blocked in Thailand for national security reasons and many remain in Thai jail for lese majeste cases, that the Economist has quoted the Thai palace source as saying it the result of the government and not the palace doings. The current government runs a well funded campaign to get Thais to inform on other Thais. Most of the Thai media is under direct control of the government and the military.

“No” Thailand is not Burma, but is Thailand a democratic country? Most says “No” it is not.

Taksin: Aung San or Democratic Movement leader?

While, the latest poll, took during the last week; found that Thais prefer to see coup ousted, Taksin as the Thai Prime Minister; and the current government says it will stay in power until its terms ends.

It is now well documented that that the current government is backed by the military. But to trace it back a little, several governments Taksin supported and several political parties of Taksin were kicked out of power by the courts, faulting the government and the parties for minor technicalities.

It is also documented that the Phum Jai Thai Party leader, Nevin, was called into meet the current Thai military leader, Anupong, and Anupong convinced Nevin to break his fraction away from supporting Taksin, to support the current government.

Struggling against those conditions is the Thai Red Shirt. Taksin, for what ever his rationales are, is the leader of the red Shirt.

What about Taksin’s US$2 Billion?

The coup military created a body to go after corruption of the ousted Taksin administration. That resulted in Taksin’s assets being frozen. While well documented and widespread corruption under the current government is occurring, the body same body that went after Taksin Corruption, have not taken up the current corruption issues.

Currently, the poll says most Thais don’t believe the Thai justice system is fair and just and believe it has a double standard.

In Thailand, the courts are highly politicized and it is belief that if Taksin or his proxy takes power in Thailand, there will be ways, like if the courts became more just, to get the assets back to Taksin. Taksin built up a telecom empire worth about US$3 billion before entering politics.

But how hot will Thai politics get?

Currently Thailand is in the rainy season with rains practically daily, and traditionally, not a season for much protest activities. But the Red Shirt now say that with the rainy season almost over, they will hold prolonged protest, in November, to force the government out of office.

The Pury Thai Party of Taksin also sees the government on the verge of collapse, and is planning for an election in the near term.

What are the arguments?

“The Red Shirt have promise to hold a permanent protest gathering next month. That is because the courts will likely rule if Taksin’s US$2 billion frozen assets in Thailand will be confiscates or not. It is clear these events are linked and Thai politics will heat up. Especially with internal government bickering on all sides, including at the internal Democrat Party itself,” said a political analyst, who is involved on going after that Taksin assets on behalf of the Thai military, on True INN cable TV just hours ago.

“The longer it stays in power, the more it will loose at the election. This government is over. It is only a matter of time before it falls. Even the head of state to the ASEAN meet can see this and many did not even bother to attend the meeting. Its popularity is going down with every new poll. There is corruption and inter government fighting everyday. Time is on Taksin’s side and there is no rush to bring the government down,” said a political analyst, on the same program on True INN cable TV.

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