ASEAN Defense: Thai Military says Thaksin the cause Thailand lost ASEAN leadership


I am lost at my lost Siamese cats

The Thai national security apparatus have said that Thailand have lost naval supremacy over the Gulf of Thailand and Andaman sea as ASEAN countries have now or on the verge of deploying submarines.

“Malaysia may use its submarines to instigate a naval blockade of Thailand… …Judging by WW2 submarine activity in the area, the naval balance in ASEAN have tilted towards Malaysia and others……Thailand have lost its traditional supremacy,” said a statement by the Thai national security apparatus in a local press.

Several navies in the region have expressed interest or have in operation modern submarines including Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. While Thailand has a small aircraft carrier, several countries in the region have also expressed interest in aircraft carrier, including Indonesia.

“Taksin did not support military spending,” said the statement.

The security apparatus statement also turned “Highly” supportive of the current government.

“If we look back in recent history it is the politicians that of past governments that have sold-out the national interest to foreigners…..We Thais must reconsider who are the enemy of the country,” said the statement.

In Thailand’s current dispute with Cambodia, that also involved a rich oil and gas reserve, ousted in a coup former Prime Minister of Thailand Taksin supporter said, he will bring Thai and Cambodia to jointly develop the area, while the current military back government’s Thai foreign minister called Cambodia’s prime minister: “A Cheap Thug”.

Thailand has fallen behind in all aspect of armaments build-up against most other ASEAN countries. Successive governments have cut the Thai military spending as a result of the poor economy and demands from other spending policy.

Most Thai politicians are weary of the Thai military’s involvement in politics and its reputation and standing in the Thai society have deteriorated over the years. While the Thai military maintains that most of its purchase is government to government, in most purchases, still gets “Handler Fee”.

Taksin sold his telecom empire to Singapore and caused an outraged as selling an interest vital to national security. Other telecom empire such as DTAC also sold its interest, however, escaped similar accusations.

Taksin also privatized and listed many state enterprise interest and many here see those moves as opening up critical Thai infrastructure to foreign ownership through the stock market.

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