ASEAN Defense: The CIA Plans to Follow Your Tweet

The CIA plans to follow your Tweet-if you have something interesting to say.

As this blog have reported, there is an explosion of intelligent related news on the global scale as a result of a major shift in how intelligence units world wide are operating-and that is to open up to people so that people will open up to intelligent agencies.

The CIA’s investing arm has invested in In-Q-Tel, a private software company specializing in monitoring online social media, such as YouTube, Twitter and Flickr. And the Pentagon is also expressing similar interest.

The company, Visible Technologies, unleashes web crawlers that scan and sift through over half a million Internet sites a day, looking for open-source intelligence (OSINT). In-Q-Rel customers receive real-time updates of Internet activity, based on specific sets of keywords they provide.

The move is the result of a wider trend within US intelligence agencies to enhance their foreign OSINT collection and analysis.

In-Q-Tel’s spokesperson, Donald Tighe, told Danger Room that the CIA-linked company is interested only in “foreign social media”, in an effort to provide US intelligence agencies with “early-warning detection on how issues are playing internationally”.

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