Red Shirts Focus: Red Shirt Response to Secret Circular “We Don’t Give A Shit”

Key Red Shirt strategist told this blog, quote, “We don’t t give a shit, bring it on.”

The Red Shirt strategist was responding to this blog question regarding a circular, written by a high ranking individual, warning the Red Shirt that Anupong is planning a coup and was also planning to crackdown on the next Red Shirt protest gathering.

“Anupong sees the Red Shirt as a lower class subset of people and the cause of Thailand’s problems and he is planning to crack down hard on the Red Shirt. Be warned that bloodshed will result,” said the circular hitting the Red Shirt, written in a style that several intelligent analyst told this blog is similar to a very highly influential person who is also globally connected and carries a great deal of weight internationally.

About 50 retired senior military and police officers have joined Taksin’s Puey Thai Party and have caused a major power shift in the Thai Army, where Anupong have kept an estimated 15,000-20,000 military officers at various ranks, mostly force commanders, careers on frozen and terminated.

Anupong’s political arm, Phum Jai Thai Party, is believed by most political analyst as having little chance at the next election, and Taksin’s Puey Thai Party is expected to win a landslide election.

Several intelligent analyst have been warning their embassy in the past few days that Anupong is expected to take drastic action to head off a serious backlash against him in the future, when the expected Taksin, Puey Thai Party, and the Red Shirt gains power in Thailand.

“The only thing that stands in Aunpong’s way right now is the economy and that will not hold-back Anupong for long,” said a Western intelligent source to this blog.

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