Politics: How much power does Abhisit have to run Thailand?

Power: Defined as the ability to get other people to do as you say, but is it real or is it an illusion?

That is the question Abhisit is asking himself. And laying before Abhisit are some serious difficulties. The Red Shirt and the Yellow Shirt are active as ever. His ultimate backer, the military is now faced with a potential internal revolt. His coalition are pressing hard to keep the money flowing so they can cut into it.

But is the power is slipping?

Unconfirmed reports have it that the Thai government’s is trying very hard to get Cambodia, Prime Minister, Hun Sen, to come to the all important symbol Grand Opening of ASEAN meet. Then both Indonesia and Malaysian government head may not attend the grand opening.

How badly does Abhisit want power? It is to the extent that he broke posted court order not join the Yellow Shirt occupation of the Thai government house and went walking around the occupied territory.

Then wanting power so badly, he accepted support from the military and smiled as Nevin stabbed Taksin in the back and joined him.

There is no doubt Abhisit wants power. For years he took all the beating inside the Democrat Party, particularly a serious training by his teached, Chuan. Then wanting power so badly, he lead a revolt inside the Democrat Party to form a fraction that went for power.

But now, after all that building up and waiting, Abhisit can’t appoint the police chief head. Now he had to deal revolting railway unions of the Yellow Shirt, a key supporter of his as the government house visit indicates, to the point of sending police to protect trains. Now he has to look across his back as his party is revolting against him as his own security man, Suthep, is aspiring to be the next prime minister and is going about destroying Abhisit.

And now he has to prop up the military drawn constitution with some patch-up that nobody but the military wants.

Is Abhisit power slipping?

Even most local press, who support the right wing, says Abhisit is having serious leadership difficulty. How long will adults let a “Stubborn Child” as Abhisit is call by many independent press, have power?

The answer is not very long. The track record of knifing people in the back in grabbing hold of power, just is not the foundation of long term power.

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