Thaksin Focus: Global Oil Giants Back Taksin on Thai Cambodian oil and gas dispute

The Thai and foreign “Powerful” energy sector have indicated to this blog that they are now re-aligning their political position in support of Taksin and the Red Shirt.

“We don’t give a crap about the individuals involved, but the world is energy hungry and we need to tap the Thai Cambodia reserves right now,” said an oil and gas exploration specialist at Thailand’s oil and gas giant.

Other oil and gas expert agrees: “This current Thai government is too nationalistic and it is hurting our industry,” said a global oil giant country manager in Thailand, to a local press.

Thailand and Cambodia are at loggerheads on many issues, including a rich oil and gas development. The current Thai government is highly nationalistic and its Foreign Minister called Cambodia’s Prime Minister, “A Cheap Thug.”

“I will bring Thailand and Cambodia together to jointly develop the reserves,” said Chaovalit in Cambodia.

Cambodia is backing an ASEAN backed body that helps mediate border disputes. Thailand’s prime minister have said he will block and not support bringing up the Thai Cambodian disputes.

Taksin has recently elevated a democratic oriented retired army general, Chaovalit to head his political party, the Puey Thai Party. Puey Thai is currently in the opposition. Abhisit, the Thai prime minister, is held up by a Military-Royalist alliance.

Only a day after that elevation, Chaovalit accepted an invitation by Cambodia’s Prime Minister, Hun Sen, to visit Cambodia.

There Hun Sen and Chaovalit agreed to jointly push for joint development of a World Bank estimate rich oil and gas reserve in a disputed Thai Cambodia area in the Gulf of Thailand.

Several Thai intelligent analysts told this blog however, that the Chaovalit move to directly engage Hun Sen on an issue of vital national security issue is breaking proper decorum. He said:

“While I understand that the government has went after Taksin on the global level and have itself bought up the Cambodia issue as a political football, I rather see Chaovalit respect the current government action on this issue,” said the Thai intelligent analyst.

Taksin has exiled from Thailand under corruption verdict that many see was a result of a justice system that is hell bent on going after Taksin and as Taksin escaped Thai prosecution, the government used diplomatic pressures to keep Taksin on the run.

“I have build Taksin a house and he is always welcome to stay in Cambodia. I am not a Thai but I feel sorry for him to face an un-just Thailand. My wife cried when she heard of Taksin’s plight,” said Hun Sen.

Cambodia has granted French and Japanese oil and gas firms’ exploration and development right in the disputed area. Advisers to the Thai government on oil and gas industry told the Thai government that French and Japanese firms will not work in the area because the threat of war over the disputed area means those Fence and Japanese firms will not be able to get insurance.

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