Economics: Korn’s “Spiritless” US$44 Billion Stimulus

They say you can easily copy someone’s product, but you can never capture the spirit of the creator.

The Thai general accounting office says in 2 years the debt load Korn is building up will bankrupt the government. Then many key economists say Korn’s stimulus is without a macro-level guiding strategy and so is helping little with Thailand’s competitiveness. Then the much government brag that the economy will recover in a “V” shape is looking more like an “L” shape everyday. And then there is the well documented widespread of corruption with the Stimulus.

But even today, Taksin tweeted that while Korn is copying his polulus policies, but that it was still not the same as Taksin stimulus.

So what has went wrong, since Korn is spending about US$44 billion in the next 3 years and Taksin’s stimulus did not even come close to Korn’s level.

The problem for Abhisit and Korn is that when Taksin came to power right during one of the darkest time in Thailand’s economic history, having even lost economic independence to the IMF.

Taksin was lucky, in that entire country was banking itself on Taksin’s management ability, proved from coming from a poor boy to be a billionaire, to rescue Thailand.

What Taksin did, apart from grassroots stimulus, is build up the pride of the Thais as a people and as a country again. While critics exist, is there any doubt that Thailand became one of the most respected and admired in the entire ASEAN region?

To put it simply, Taksin did not just addressed the economic crisis, but the spiritual crisis.

But look at Abhisit and Korn and the money they pump into the economic system. But what about the spiritual crisis of the Thais? Have they addressed the situation at all?

The answer is “No” they have not addressed it and in fact have made it worse. From Abhisit and Korn going to the occupied the government house to show support to the Yellow Shirt illegal act, to countless other un-just actions since coming to power, all of it have meant the spiritual sickness of the Thais have gotten worse.

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