Globalization: If able to, who will Foreigners Vote as the Next Thai Prime Minister?

By Frank, this blog political journalist

Who will you vote to be the prime minister in Thailand, if you were a Thai? The following summarized the best and real messages from the key runners in the next Thai election-not that it is near or anything, but it is just an early warning and bench-mark setting to help you go forward.

Chaovalit’s Message:

I am part of a new generation of Thais, who sees Thailand as a country with social-justice; strong democracy and the Thai people have a great deal of freedom to express themselves. My back-ground is in the military; however I am part of Democratic Soldiers movement, who believes in the political process. They call me “Sweet Jiew” because I try to accommodate everyone and that have at times hurt my objectives and direction. Some goes as far as saying that I am “Wishy Washy.”

However, Thailand is best managed through the ability to compromise and it is important to listen to everyone, especially in the democratic environment. My background is in military communications and analysis, but some say I am a poor communicator and many tend to get confused when listening to me. But that is mainly because I tend to be above the norm in my messages and strategy, and the typical person have a difficult time grasping what I say and do.

In sum, God save democracy!

Frank’s Comment: Chaovalit is considered a genius of sort, and is just so ahead of his times, many do not understand him and that confuses everyone. If you like a challenge, this is the guy to vote for.

Abhisit’s Message:

I am part of a new generation of Thais, who want peace and order. I am highly royal, beyond corruption, and come from a party with long roots in democracy. I know many of you still remember me going to the Yellow Shirt occupation of the government house and say I became the prime minister because of the military-and so say I am of poor character and means. However, Taksin is the cause of all the problems in Thailand and he needs to be bought to justice. Solving that is a great step forward for Thailand.

Many of you have witness corruption during my running of Thailand and many other question my leadership ability. I just want to say that I hope the best for Thailand and it is because of Thai political reality, and not me, that is the root cause of the corruption and the poor management ability.

In sum, God save the Democrat Party!

Frank’s Comment: Abhisit is beyond financial corruption, but highly corrupt when it comes to power grabbing. If you like image, this is the guy to vote for.

Nevin’s Message:

I am the main person why Taksin is not in power today. It is me who solved the great instability in the Thai political process, by bringing together, the Thai military, Thailand’s oldest political party and a group of smaller parties to form a government that represents all the main powers in Thailand that can ensure stability. I know many of you still wonder how I can turn against Taksin and that may indicate that I am not tryst worthy. However, Thailand’s interest comes above all else.

Many of you say I am very corrupt, and not fit to be the leader of Thailand. However, under the democratic process, it is only fair that if my party wins enough votes or other parties agrees to it, it is only fair that you give me the opportunity to be Thailand’s prime minister. Many of you know me also as a highly effective manager and a problem solver. And I will bring that ability to Thailand during these trying times.

In sum, God save my money!

Frank’s Comment: Insider says Nevin is even a better manager than Taksin, but unfortunately, he thinks money by any means is the most important thing in life. If you like old style politics and politicians, this is the guy to vote for.

Sondhi Lim’s Message:

I am not a mentally ill or a fanatic. I am a moderate who is against extreme democracy, because the poor sells their votes and the politicians corrupt to the core. I am a royalist and a nationalist, and this is important when the Thais are disappointed in how Thailand has progressed in the past 10 years.

I bring to Thailand a new vision of more responsible and clean political process. I will do anything to achieve that objective, no matter what it takes. I promise you a clean government that will protect Thailand’s interest. Thailand comes first for me, not politics, money or anything else. I promise you I will get rid of the root cause of Thailand’s problem and that is Taksin and the Red Shirt.

In Sum, God save Royalism!

Frank’s Comment: One thing good about Sondhi, is that he usually does everything he says he will do and one can always count on him to do anything to reach his goals. If it is decisiveness you like, this is the guy to vote for.

The Under Dog’s Message:

We have seen the Taksin camp in power and we have seen the Democrat Party camp in power and they all have failed. Taksin ended in a coup and Democrat camp failed to solve anything. It is time to bring a fresh and new direction to Thai politics.

I know I am un-tried and un-proven and that imposes some risk. However, a greater risk lies in returning to Taksin or the Democrat camp. And while Taksin and the Democrats are great power in Thailand and my government may be weak, Thailand deserves the chance for a fresh new start. I represent all the hope of the Thais who have been dominated by the great powers and have been put down. I am like you in fighting for equal opportunity and chance.

In sum, God save my ass!

Frank’s Comment: There are many great under dogs in Thailand that should have the opportunity to run Thailand, however, taking on that when things are this bad, may be the worse thing that Thais can do. If you like taking on risk and opportunity, this is the guy to vote for.

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