Thai Culture: Women Ends Up with Diamonds, Men with Used Condoms

By Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

Those who control the finances, control the power.

I admit, I am right now pissed at men. No I am not one and yet I have nothing against lesbian. It is just this rediculous poll that is freaking me out, and so should you-if you are a women. You see, an American poll says men are better than women at finances.

Well, globally, men have been in control of the finances and thus men have long controlled the world. And why is that, when the globe is in such a mess, including financial mess all the time, which have been coming in cycles under men control?

Is it time to break that cycle?

A recent poll in America, as reported by the Nation, says most Americans see men better in finances than women. Well, that is a complete lie and very macho stuff.

Back to the recent days of Enron, men were in control of the finances. And look at that mess. And look at how Enron spent money on partying. Then with the current financial crisis, it is these American macho men bankers again. And look at these bankers addiction to hefty bonuses and the risks they took on.

Against the likes of Enron and American bankers, in fact, in America, it is Elizabeth Warren, who is called the “Hero of Capitalism,” for exposing Obama’s US$700 billion bank bailout as being without strings attached. In fact, the co-recipient of this year’s Nobel Prize for economics is a women researcher.

Then the last US president was between Hillary and Obama. And look at Obama now, with his popularity at Bush’s level. Then who but Thatcher, helped the very macho Reagan down the Soviet Empire. So does women deserve equal right and opportunity as men, in running the world?

Moving up but not accepted at the top:

So why stop that woment’s movement upward? Why jnot encourage women’s participation, as equal? Well the argument is, it just because women never had the power of men, that we have not seen damages, the likes of this crisis, being done by women?

But then look at America, apart from the men being in power of banks, they are also in power of most of the household finances. And look at the state of American households-being maxed out on debt. They say women may shop, but men party.

I say, women ends up with diamonds, and men with used condoms. Pretty simply, women are better at finances, and men are lousy at parties like politicking.

Thai women have power:

Need proof, just look at the Thai women. At Thailand’s largest bank, the Bangkok Bank, women bankers are all over the place. At the Thai Central bank, a woman is in power. At most places in the Thai tourism industry, it is the women who run things. The Thai commerce ministry is run by women.

At most Thai schools, it is also women teachers. Most accountants in Thailand and also stock market analyst are also women. At most of the SMEs retail trade, it is also women. Even doctors in Thailand, women doctors stand equal to their men peers. And just look at how so many macho men of the west, fall under the control of Thai women.

And look at how well these Thai women mentioned above are doing, against what the Thai men throws at them. Like really, just look at the Thai men very dominated Thai politics and you can just make an argument right away, that it is time for the women to run things more in Thailand.

But Thailand is not America? The Thai women have in Thai history, stood along side their men in battle to defend the country. Thai women are fierce, strong, and caring.

Hope for American Women:

News is that for the first time, the very macho men oriented US Navy is going to let women be stationed in submarines. Already women are allowed to pilot American air force planes-with one or two being jet fighters. Even the CIA, is reportedly hiring more women analysts, as the US universities are producing lots of cutting edge women graduates that the CIA just can not refuse. But American women continues to suffer from in-equality, in a country that is as free and fair as America.

Do America women have real power of finance?

Sadly, just look at the US Congress-the top 10 most powerful congressmen are all men. And the finance committee is stacked to the tilt with men. So just don’t expect the American financial crisis to end with this current one. Like the American poll says, American men are better than women at finances-like really!

So in a way, America and Thailand suffers the same way. And that is in not accepting that women have a great deal to offer and should enjoy the opportunity to runs things, as much as the men have the opportunity to do so.

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