Thai Culture: Clash of the “Thai Titans” is a Greek “Tragedy” at Epic Blood Bath Proportion

By Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

The Thai Titans are clashing. And a Thai historian says a blood bath of epic proportion is waiting, if nothing is done.

“If the underlying problem is not solved, there will be bloodshed the likes Thailand have never seen before on the streets,” said Nidhi, Thailand’s most noted Thai historian.

Look around, in micro politics level, inside the Democrats, Banyat is fighting with Suthep, and inside Puey Thai, a bunch of people are fighting. At the macro political level, every one is fighting everybody else, with both the Red Shirt and Yellow Shirt, going to the streets in mass protest. At warring here, are some of the biggest Titans in Thai politics.

The look around at the macro economic level, environmentalist are fighting investments, an ASEAN onslaught is heading Thailand’s way, and even the latest mobile system, G3, sees those involved fighting like mad. Again, warring here are also some of the biggest Titans in Thailand. This clash goes down to the grassroots, with the US$44 billion “Stron Thailand Stimulus” clashing with corruption.

And even in the highest echelons of Thailand, and we are talking the biggest of Titans here, they are also in a war. The military, under Anupong, is killing off anything Red. Then a bunch of retired former Titans of military and police are against Anupong. The Privy Council, another Titan, has dragged Thailand’s highest institution into politics, and the institution itself, is full of people with differing ideology.

Even the little guys that serve the Titans are clashing. Like the police apparatus, is in a clash. Thailand’s tourism unit is in a clash. Thai railway is in a clash. The BKK bus unit is in a clash. The list goes on.

Even on foreign relation, the Thais Titans are clashing. Thais now are fighting with the Cambodians. In global tourism, like in Phuket, a heaven for foreigners, the level of trash and water shortage is in a clash with hotel development. In labor, even the ILO is calling for the Thais to adopt better labor standards. All at a time the internet is breaking down traditional media.

Ideology wise, it is also a clash of the Titans, sufficiency is running head on against materialism. Nationalism is running against liberalism. Even the solution to the underlying clash is in a clash by itself, with many saying it is Taksin, other saying it is the military and its proxy Abhisit. Then other say it is about the two version of constitution, in conflict, that are to blame. Then other says it is the politicized courts. Like you name it, the solutions are in conflict with each other.

“There is a new class of Thais and they are the lower middle who are the biggest population segment in Thailand right now, and they want a great many things, but the middle class, the next biggest segment of Thai population, will not let them have it,” said Nidhit.

Unfortunately, Taksin represents this lower middle class, and the Thai military represents the middle class, through Abhisit. So this clash of the Titans is really all about Taksin and Anupong, plus Thailand’s highest institution in this Thai style democracy.

But thank the Greek goddess of love and peace, the Abhisit is smart enough to issues new laws and regulations on crowd control. Like really, just look at the Titans clashing in Thailand, and you just got to wonder, if Abhisit’s dream is clashing with Abhisit, the real.

And Abhisit boss, Anupong? The guy who is supposed to look after Thai national security, sees the solution as one emergency decree right on top of another-in a series of how Thailand is dealing with the “Clash of the Titans.”

Ask yourself this simple question? How serious is Taksin and Anupong are, in stopping this clash of the Titans in Thailand? How likely is a blood bath on epic proportion in Thailand? You make the call!

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