Justice: Crime Wave Hits Thailand that Even Condo Gets Cracked!

By Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

According to several head of police control regions, crimes are up significantly in Thailand-and in most of Bangkok’s highest class condo, where foreigners are numerous in numbers, better security is being rushed in place as condo crimes heads up.

Condo Living Safe?

“Its started with a warning in the elevator to lock the door on the balcony, then to be careful when opening the condo door, then a warning not to walk alone around the streets around the condo, then don’t let starngers in when using the security passage card at the entrance, then the video surveillance came, and then a change in the security guard to more tough and alert people,” said Stuart, a Brit who lives in one of the highest priced condo on Sukhumvit road in BKK Magazine.

“Things are getting bad. These crooks are renting condo and using it to steal in the condo,” said Stuart.

The Middle Class Hit:

But not only rich foreigners are feeling the heat. Several head of Thai police regions, including the Bangkok Met, have just issued statements in Matichon, the Thai mass circulated daily to intellectuals, that crimes are up significantly this year over the 2008 figure, thus far.

“illicit drugs arrests are up by 30%. Thief are up by 20%. Motorcycle and automobile thief are up 40%. And life threatening situation crimes are edging up as well,” quoted Maticon of one of the police region head. The police said in combating the illicit drug usage, in previous government, the funds for treatment and rehabilitation was significant, but currently, “We set the rehabilitation target at 100,000 for this year in my region, but so far we have the resources to only help 3,000 addicts.” 

The Poor also Hit:

The Thai police said the poor is also suffering because in this economic situation, the poor have turned to loan sharks for loans and the loan sharks brings with them pressure tactics. “We are seeing cases of poor borrowers being beaten and threaten everyday,” said one police region head. The Abhisit government is trying hard to legalize loan shark and provide the poor with alternative funds. But most police says the poor will always have to turn to loan shark because of the ease of borrowing.

Economic to Blame:

Matichon did not went deep into the reason of the crime wave, but simply stated that it must be related to the economic crisis. But other reports said it has much more to do with that. Thai Rath, the neutral mass circulated daily, last month ran several stories saying that “Con Men” from all over the globe are hitting the Thais, because the Thais are mostly open and friendly towards foreigners.

“They come here and con the Thais out of millions with their sophisticated scams, and the Thais are just not guarded against these people,” said Thai Rath.

Thai Police in an Internal Mess:

Thai Rath, who cracked open the problem with the appointment of the Thai police chief head, also ran several stories on how, the conflict in that appointment, have meant poor morale with most Thai policemen.

Then for a long time now, many have complained that the political crisis in Thailand, has meant the police to go focusing on crowd control, and leaving the public at risks. In most of the protest in Thailand, and also when the government does something major, like staging conferences, massive numbers of police, like in the thousands and thousands, are involved in keeping peace.

For example, when the Thai prime minister, who is much hated by his opposition, leave Bangkok, Thailand’s capital, to go and visit some provinces, thousands and thousands of police are used to keep him separated from protesters. Even several helicopters are used to patrol these visits.

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