Thai Culture: Some Jokes about Thai Media & Journalism

by Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

On True INN: If True’s INN gets more shallow and superficial, it will have to start swimming in the kiddie’s pool.

On Thai Rath: When Thai Rath tells Thai politician to jump, they say how high, because if they did not, Thai Rath will get its 2 million a day readers to jump on the politician.

On Big Boobs Tabloid: Why does Thai news stand full of tabloid with big booms women on it? Because boobs enlargement doctors wants every Thai girl to have big boobs.

On Red Media: Why are all the red media so cheaply done? Because they are so into social-justice, they have no class or taste.

On the Nation: Why does anything that has to do with the Nation, hates Taksin very much? Because Taksin is the only guy who will not kiss the Nation’s ass.

On Hello: Why is that media import about royalty and high class, Hello, selling so well in Thailand? Actually it sells well only with those who plays the lottery and still believe they can be rich and high class one day.

On Matichon: All Thai intellectuals read Matichon, because no matter how one tries, one can never win the argument with Matichon.

On Thai E-News: Why does not Thai e-news have a single good thing to say about Abhisit? Because Abhisit controlled media does not have a single good thing to say about Taksin.

On Manager: Why does Manager sell hate and hate sells so well in Thailand? Because the Thais are only free to hate each other.

On military control TV news: What keeps the right wing in power in Thailand, is it the propaganda military TV puts out? No it is the corruption in the military TV contracts that makes the generals rich enough to keep power.

On Democrat Party control of Thai media: Why is the Democrat Party want to control Thai media? Becsue it is still stupid enough to think the battle for the hearts and minds of the people is linked to crooked information.

On Taksin 100 channel cable TV: Why is Taksin so slow in launching his 100 channel cable TV? Because he is launching it 1 channel at a time, so it will take a 100 years.

On Bangkok Post: Why can not Bangkok Post become respected like the Washington Post? Because Bangkok Post readers doe not respect anything, but money.

On Wire Service: Why does wire service have so much influence in Thailand? Who knows, but it must be related to the millions and millions or foreigners who knows very little about Thailand listening to them.

On Thai Intelligent News: Guess why Thai Intelligent News never reveals its source or give people full names recognition? Because there is no source and they can not spell those long Thai names.

On Bangkok Pundit: Why does Bangkok Pundit, keeps punning on BKK all these years? Because ridiculously stupid things has not ended in Bangkok yet.

On Thailand Jumped the Shark: Why is the shark so anti the Nation? Because the Nation is like a stupid girl swimming in a bikini at midnight like in the movie Jaws, and the shark just has to take a bite.

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