Human Rights: How “Nobel Peace Prize” winner is keeping freedom fighter out of the USA

By Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

The Following is from Human Rights First:

Principe Gabriel Gonzalez, like many human rights activists in Colombia, has been harassed by his own government. Baseless criminal charges, imprisonment, stigmatization as a “terrorist”-these are unfortunately an all-too-common experience for human rights defenders in Colombia.

Gonzalez has endured these challenges to continue his critical work fighting for justice for victims of the conflict in Colombia – and this is why Human Rights First has chosen him as the recipient of our annual human rights award.

But Gonzalez may not be able to come to New York this month to accept the award – not because the Colombian government will not let him leave Colombia, but because the U.S. government has not granted him a visa to enter the United States.

Tammy’s Comment: I am starting to really really hate this Nobel Peace Prize!

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