Human Rights: Obama Gets Nobel the Same Day as the much hated Patriot Act Gets Extended

by Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

Now I know what they mean to cry and laugh at the same time. How did it come to be that Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize on the same day that the Patriot Act got extended by the US Senate?

Like the Patriot Act is a great tool for fighting terrorism, but it also hyped up “Nationalism” in the US to the extent that US went into Afgan, then Iraq and almost into Iran. Then please does anyone have to be reminded of the power the act gave the US security apparatus.

Then how on earth did Obama land the Nobel Peace prize, when most of the world’s human rights activist are so against Obama’s engagement everything policy.

In fact, Obama was settling on a comfortable middle ground of flexible containment-where he is open for engagement but where he is also open to containment if engagement fails.

So now with the peace prize, the Patriot Act gets extended, US is still in Afgan and Iraq, and looks like flexible containment is gone from the picture as now it might be all about engagement-since Obama is now the peace loving guy. Like really, is this about some prize giver wanting to influence Obama’s future action or what?

Well I am crying and I am also laughing at the same time-tonight, at this writing. Wonder how Ong San will feel when Obama, the Nobel Peace Prize, meets the Burmese dictator in Singapore at the APEC meet for a one on one private talk?

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