Thai Culture: Abhisit Runs for Cover asking “How Nasty Can My Life Get”

By Frank, this blog political journalist

Abhisit Says Not Fair:

Democrat Party source told this blog that Abhisit is complaining to close friends that life is getting nastier and nastier.

“It is not fair because he is being attacked from all side and that is leaving him little choice to do what is right for the country and have to only think of political survival. It is as nasty as they come,” said the source, who is a rising star of the Democrat Party.

Chaovalit Cracking Nerves:

The source said the Pury Thai Party is on an all out assault since Chaovalit, former Thai army boss and a master strategist have joined the Taksin party. Currently, the latest news is that several “High Profile”  military school class, such as the Chulachomklao class of 7 and the military prep school class of 10, have now all but linked themselves up with Taksin.

Taksin himself is calling for all his friends and classmates in the military and police to join Puey Thai Party. Already, the numbers of former police and military officers joining in Taksin side have reached over 50-and this is in the open.

Meanwhile, coalition government wise, several key alliances are going absolutely neutral-leaving open the possibility of joining Taksin after expected elections in 3-4 quarters. One coalition power player said it plainly that joining Abhisit was and is a “Forced Fight” that they had “Little Choice.” But the situation has changed.

Sacred Ground Pissed:

Meanwhile, Abhisit is also threading on very thin ground with those who lives on sacred grounds. Abhisit has refused those people request on the appointment of the top police chief, and totally “Pissing Off” some of the most powerful people in the Thai style democracy. It has gotten even to the point that a key privy council has decided to stay away from Bangkok as a sign of protest at Abhisit.

Sondhi Lim As a Friend?

Meanwhile, Abhisit only real ally are the guys who put him office by destabilizing the Taksin government with protest, and that is Sondhi Lim. And in a recent meeting, Abhisit met with Sondhi Lim to discuss matters. Those matters involves making amends to those who lives on sacred grounds, cutting a deal to let Sondhi Lim go free on the airport and government house occupation-all in exchange for Sondhi Lim not protesting to destabilize it out of office.

Meanwhile, as the Yellow and Red Shirt are on the verge of protest, the government has rushed out laws governing protest-to be able to control and manage protest.

Anupong Starts Taking Things Seriously:

In all of the above developments, Anupong, the Thai army chief, who supports Abhisit through the Phum Jai Thai Party of Nevin, has remain quiet. The always moderate, thinking and planning Anupong reportedly had been warned that his hunt for the Reds in the army has back-fired greatly and open revolt to his command is only a matter of “The Right Timing.” Nevin meanwhile, is looking like a lost cause to both Abhisit and Anupong as Taksin’s grip of E-Sarn has solidified.

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