Diplomacy: Michael Moore is Back but Will New Movie “Trash” Obama?

By Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

Michael Moore, who last movie made trashing Bush a hit at the Cann Film Festival, is back with a movie that might trashes Obama big times. More now is a celebrated American idol and hero of the middle class.

On the line is the attitude of American middle class-and future of bankers and the industry.

In that trashing, Moore went for Harvard Professor who heads a US congress bi-partisan committee, Elizabeth Warren. Elizabeth is a financial whiz kid-who have been looking at the state of American finances.

Well if you knowe Washington, you know Obama is in the dumps with bankers and insurers for wanting strong regulations on the industry. In his last speech to the bankers, the bankers were “As Cold as the Ice Aged” towards Obama call for reforms.

Well Elizabeth is on Obama side-sort of speak. She is a strong advocate of regulating the banking and insurance industry, but is also “Extremely Critical” of Obama’s TARP program or the trouble’s asset rescue program that pumped US$ 700 billion into banks.

According to Elizabeth, who should know, she says the money went to the banks with little strings attached-meaning after it left the treasury, it just simply vanished into a deep black void. And so she blames Obama for that.

Meanwhile, Moore is keeping his new film very top secret, showing it to only a few people. The rumor is, because Moore is a Democrat who hates the Republicans, most likely Moor will “Edit Out” Elizabeth sharp attack on Obama and just leaves the Democrat Party hype going in the film.

But then, maybe Moore will surprise viewers with some real nasty stuff on Obama. Just wait for the movie. Moore is a hero American film maker and the Washington insider says, whatever the movie does, it will propel Elizabeth to become the next “Big” power player in DC.

By the way, Elizabeth says the US economy is still in a  “Very Fragile Condition.”

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