Politics: 6) Massive Secret Money Being Used by Abhisit’s Junta in Anti-Red Shirts Protest

By Stingray and Tammy, this blog national security and humanity journalist

News are leaking out to several Thai press that secret police and military funds are being allocated to meet every Red Shirt protest. In the next Red Shirt gathering alone, the police have requested about 50 million baht in secret funds.

Intelligent sources told this blog that the funds are being used mainly to:

  • Infiltrate the Red Shirt with intelligent gathering operatives.
  • Hide the true extent of security forces involved in managing the gathering.
  • Skuttle potential participants by influencing grassroots leaders, particularly in E-Sarn.
  • Purchase positive media coverage of the events.

While all activities verges on being against the law, because most Red Shirt protest are met with the invocation of the Emergency decree, the spending during these events are considered state secret and both the Thai police and military, are not obligated by law to reveil how the funds are used.

However, under the Thai constitution, the right to protest is guaranteed by the constitution.

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