Politics: 4) Democrat Party “Fear” Red Shirts Violence but “Fear Not” Yellow Shirts Violence

By Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

Right on the heels of clashes at PhraViharn Relics by the Yellow Shirt and Villagers, the Democrats say they fear Red Shirt violence-even when the past few Red Shirt rallies, they were peaceful to the point that Abhisit had to say thank you.

“We fear the Red Shirt will on purpose cause violence on October 17th right before the ASEAN meet on the 23rd, as a way to destroy the meeting,” said the Democrat Party spokesman.

And thus the government plans to invoke the Emergency Decree for the ASEAN meet. But the Yellow Shirt are also holding their first mass rally on the 7th of this month, and there is no plans for an emergency decree.

We at this blog noted before, and you can check our old blog, even when before the Yellow Shirt went to Phra Viharn, that we find it odd that an Emergency Decree was not invoked at Phra Viharn, because the Yellow Shirt are known to be extremist that are violent prone.

Yes, the Red Shirt did disrupt the last ASEAN head of state meet. But look at the track record over the years and one can not escape the fact that the Yellow Shirt have always instigated violent action, and the Red Shirt’s actions, like at the ASEAN meet, are reraction.

Like if you are not convinced, just look at the current situation. The Red Shirt are being met again with emergency decree, and yet the Yellow Shirt, for all their track record, does not get the emergency decree. 

It is precisely these types of “Double Standard” that causes the Red Shirt to go ballistic. If they do cause violence leading up to the ASEAN head of state meet, don’t blame the Reds-but blame the government.

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