Environment: “Environment” more important than Mab Ta Phud investments”

By Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

Maximum hypocrisy:

God, the hypocrisy with Thai business people is enough to fill the globe with crap up to its neck. 

When Taksin was the prime minister and followed the Democrats policy of privatizing state enterprise, and warned that if Thailand’s power generator wasn’t privatized it would cause significant damage to the Thai economy, Thai business people just shut themselves up in the toilet.

The Courts and Public Interest:

So the courts stopped Taksin’s privatization efforts-giving the rationale that allowing it will hurt the interest of the people. That is right, privatization will hurt the interest of the public-those exact words exactly.

Now again, with Abhisit, investments at Ma Ta Phud have been stopped by the courts with the rationale that the pollution they will put out, will hurt the people.

But guess what, all those Thai business people who locked themselves up in the toilet with Taksin’s privatisation, are now all over the place saying stopping those investments at Ma Ta Phud will hurt the economy greatly. Like yeah, Thai power generating and supply are in good health, from being stopped-and it is now talking nuclear to catch up with demand.

The people will have to live with more pollution:

In fact, these Thai business people go as far as vouching that the investments will not cause pollution. Repeatedly, the word with Thai business people are, “Thai industries have above standard level of pollution control.”

Well that is a lie:

Two years ago, children studying nearby Ma Ta Phun, suddenly fell sick for no reason at all. Cancer is also unusually high in the area. At times, even the air smells so badly people have to leave their homes for days.

The pollution level at Ma Ta Phud, even without these new investments, are below health standards and the level is also against the law. Just think what an additional US$ 10 billion more will do to the environment in the area.

What do the Thai business care about the public’s interest:

It has always been in favor of anything Abhisit and against anything Taksin. And who cares about the poor? There is not a single housing estate that sells expensive houses in the area. But the stock market listed companies, particularly chemical and heavy industry, are now hurting and that means Thai investors pockets are hurting. That obviously is the bottom line.

Love, Peace, Unity and Abhisit:

At every Democrat Party press conference, the party keeps repeating the words, “Thais must join hands and unite and help heal the country from conflict.” On the wall, there is this big, www.ilovethailand.org sign posted.

Then only hours after the courts stopped the investments, Abhisit and a bunch of business people goes and appeal the courts ruling, all in the name of business and the economy. Meanwhile NGOs and the people who live in the area are on the verge of a massive protest. So much for love, peace and unity. Like guess why ilovethailand Twitter gets only 400 followers.

Abhisit to build a vacation house at Ma Ta Phud?

Like try moving the parliament house to Ma Ta Phud. Or Anbhisit try building a house in the area. Yeah, you will get another side of the story right away. Like believe it or not, it is these damn Democrats of Abhisit, who went yelling about the public interest with Taksin privatization.

Like I say, the amount of hypocrisy in Thailand is enough to fill the globe up to its neck with crap. I literally don’t give a crap if some millionaire or billionaire or Thailand will get richer. What I care about is some old women who have just complained that in her village, cancer is rampant.

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