ASEAN Defense: Is Thailand Seeking “Cutting-Edge” Video Surveillance Technology

By Stingray, this blog national security journalist

Intelligence source told this blog that “Classified Units” in Thailand are interested in cutting-edge video surveillance technology.

“They recently visited London to observe the video surveillance system in the city and came out of it with a shopping list of the latest technology,” said the intelligent source.

The source declined to identify the technology, however, the London system is based on a central control room that is packed with technology such as advance search of video feed from cameras and still object identification.

In advance search, typically finding a particular point in a continuous running stream of video feed that runs 24/7 takes a great deal of time. But with advance search technology, the search for particular events takes only minuites. The benefit of this capability is profound.

In still object identification, the technology enables the video camera to identify objects that have been left in a single and isolated position. The usefulness is again very profound.

  • While a great deal of criticism have been levied on the Thai military for leaving most video surveillance camera station in the deep south empty-meaning without actual camera in them, the Thai military has corrected the situation and has allocated a special budget for mending the situation. All in all there will be about 5,000 video camera in operation by the end of this year.
  • The Thai airport Suvanabhum is also reportedly, will be investing in a massive up-grade of the video surveillance system. All in all there will be about 2,000 video camera in operation.
  • The city of Bangkok itself, also operates about 2,000 video cameras.

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