Politics: Abhisit “Tip Toes” into Sacred Ground

by Frank, this blog political journalist

Detail are sketchy, but it appears that Abhisit has been ordered to attend a meeting on sacred grounds to explain his move on appointment of Pratheep to acting head of the Thai police-apparently for a year untill Pratheep retirement.

Foreign intelligent analyst speculates that those who live on the sacred ground gave Abhisit warning through his now resigned secretary, Niphan, their wishes that the police chief head be anyone but Pratheep.

The analyst said, “We here figure the Yellow Shirt have greatly hurt the interest of those that live on sacred grounds and they don’t want a Pratheep, who is close to the Yellow Shirt, to become the top police chief because it could aggravate the activity of the Yellow Shirt.”

The analyst said the Yellow Shirt activity at Phra Viharn Relics, appeared to be the last straw for those who live on sacred grounds. Rumors has it that Abhisit will have to face some very powerful people at the meeting who have a joining of the mind on the subject.

The analyst added that, from his sacred ground sources, what upsets the people who live there the most, is that several cases against the Yellow Shirt, is going no-where and that high ranking foreign visitors to those on sacred grounds, have been asking about the government house occupation and Suvanaphum cases.

The analyst said however, that while the meeting is set, Abhisit may be making some accommodation to escape the face to face confrontation.

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