Globalization: Globalism catching up with Thailand via Hun Sen, USAID, and Rice Torrents

by Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

As Thailand wraps itself deep in nationalism and royalism, the globe is posing some serious foreign relation questions for Thailand.

Source in the democrat party told this blog that because the ASEAN head of state meeting is close at hands and the Abhisit government will use the meet to address these, and other, questions.  

  • Time reported that USAID, appeared, to have been aiding Thailand in developing democracy-a clear signal that the US is worried about Thai democracy.
  • AFP then reported that Hun Sen, saying that Cambodia will shoot any Thai who moves into the disputed area at the Phra Viharn relice-a clear signal of a hard line position.
  • Reuters reported than that the US has developed a new strain of rice called “Jasman” that mimics the high-end popular Thai rice Jasmin, but the productivity is about 5 times Jasmin rice.

I all these areas, the Thai government have said little in response, thus far.

  • On USAID, Suthep, who handles security for Abhisit, said the government will investigate USAID to see if it is against the Thai national security situation.
  • On Cambodia, Panithan, the spokesman for the government, said the government will continue to focus on  negotiation with Cambodia.
  • On Jasman Rice, The Thai Agriculture Minister, said Thai Jasmen rice is a product with strong brand and Jasman will not hurt Thai Jasmin rice.

But other questions are simmering as well.

  • The smart right wing Bangkok Post reported that the environmental meeting in Bangkok, may produce little global accord, all at about the same time Thai NGOs are fighting against the government over the environmental condition at Ma Ta Bhud.
  • Then reports are surfacing that Thailand may impose health and quality standards, in response to ASEAN free trade to protect Thai agriculture products.
  • Then the US relation with Burma is getting some “Flexible Engagement” from the US, at a time, Thai human right issue is heating up significantly, right on top of news of miss treatment by Thailand’ of Burma’s refugees in Thailand.

The ASEAN head of state meet, that will likely be attended by many global leaders, like Abhisit’s UN meet, may look good inside Thailand, however, fundamentally, the question on globalism, that goes against the use of nationalism by the Abhisit government, are not being addressed.

Abhisit is doing little to amend, accomodate or tame the forces of Globalism. All at the time that on the global grassroots level, the anti-Thailand feeling is spreading.

About the only thing going for Thailand now, is the AIDS treatment. And guess under what government it got started?

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