ASEAN Defense: Cambodia Beef Up Military at Thai Disputed Phra Viharn Relics

By Stingray, this blog national security journalist

Cambodia have stationed about 12 artillery piece and 10 tanks near the Phara Viharn relics, that is disputed between Thailand and Cambodia.

Yesterday also, un-confirmed report, from Thai military, said Cambodia soldiers crossed into Thai territory and then return back into Cambodia, as Thai soldiers gave warning fire.

The developments comes right on the heel of AFP report that Hun Sen as saying Cambodia will fire on any Thai who enters the disputed territory.

Thailand’s prime minister Abhisit, said the words from Cambodia is meant for internal Cambodia consumption, in a way to build nationalism there.

There also appears to be some re-evaluation by the Thai military. First, the commander of the second region that looks after E-Sarn, said Thailand will not tolerate aggression, but then the Thai army commander, Anupong, said Thai and Cambodia military have a close relationship and are in constant discussion.

Other that the relics dispute, the two countries are also in dispute over territory in the Gulf of Thailand, where, rich oil and gas reserves area are in dispute. Cambodia have granted exploration rights in many in those disputed area.

Today the Thai anti-graft commission levied guilty charges against Thailand’s former prime minister, Samak, and the foreign minister, for negotiating with Cambodia and took measures without telling the parliament.

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