Justice: Crooked Thai courts is more than just about dirty money

By Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

A very important councilor in Thailand, just exploded the other day saying that, “There is this former big important Thai prime Minister, who brag they he can use money to buy any judge in Thailand….That former Thai prime minister, should just live alone, because when living along, it beings moral value.”

Obviously, that counselor, didn’t name names because of fear of a libel suit, but he obviously mean Taksin. We at this blog was tempted to defend Taksin, that such an accusation without actually taking responsibility of his own words, is in itself-not a moral act, but we decided to let that go.

But lets say, Taksin was buying judges, that obviously also mean the judges are for sale-otherwise there would be no transaction and no buying. But the problem is that, judges are not perfect. In fact, there is no one that is perfect.

So what do im-perfect people do, well, like this blog, we call ourselves classical liberals, and we are beyond financial bribery, but still we subscribe to a philosophy. So what happens when the judges subscribe to a philosophy, like Royalism.

The question to ask is, is that also a type of corruption?

Because it is the judges duty to only judge a case, by the facts in the case, and not through this and that philosophy, that corrupts them from being just.

But we want to say that we, at this blog, know of the secret net-work that exist between judges, council people and the politicians. We are not going to write about it out of respect of the person the above mentioned councilor is advising. Because that would hurt that individual, who we at this blog love, but will question at times.

But the situation in Thailand, as you, the councilor we are talking about also knows very well, the Thai courts have been bought out by a close net-work of people with a particular philosophy in mind to propagate.

That is highly corrupted situation. In that while money can buy this and that judges, in thia and that situation, depending on the person, a philosophy means the entire system is corrupted-and is imposed on the entire Thai society-and wipes away all justice and fair play.

We at this blog are not perfect, but if we can vote, because we here don’t consider ourselves much of a Thai anymore; but if we can vote in Thailand, on the subject-we vote for  the Taksin type of corruption.

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