Human Rights: A Chiristian Nun say jailed lese majeste offender, Da, got treated un-fairly

By Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

I must admit that for a long time I was at a loss on the Da case.

And so I turned to my Christian Nun mother for the answer. Christian nun are considered the best teachers and mothers, and in fact, Mother Teresa received the Nobel Prize for helping the poor and decrepitude in India’s poorest area. The Da case involves a blistering attack on the Thai palace that saw her received 18 years of prison. Amnesty International just a few days ago raised the issue for the first time, and that is mainly why I have turned my attention to the case, because as I said before, I was at a lost of what to think.

What is the Da case all about?

It is, basically about how to deal with a troubled spoiled brat.

What do you mean?

Even if the Thai King is not the king and just an ordinary person, to attack another human being in public in such a way, is not an acceptable behavior and it would mean jail term for certain.

But is 18 year a fair punishment? Does it not indicate that Da is right?

The events in Thailand in the past 10 years is not ordinary, and we have seen the situation went to the extreme on all sides. Da was swept away by the times and also have the Thai courts. But I do agree that 18 years is not right.

Should Da be pardoned by the palace?

It is not my place to say. However, much of it also depends on Da. To release her, in a condition that she has not accept the rules and norms of conduct, that is a mistake. But also, the rules and norms says she can only be punished according to what is fair.

What is fair in this case, since we are talking about the palace?

I feel Da was not treated fairly. She is just an insignificant person that went against the a very established and entrenched institution. So the damage was not significant, in the Da and palace situation by itself. So if judging by the situation in itself, the offense was not significant.

So you think the Da situation, is not really about Da, but about something else?

That is right.

But still, how do you deal with a problem child, like Da?

I never tell my children to do anything, but I reason with them. We bring the particularities up for discussion. I based it on the reason and never tell them to do anything.

But if they go beyond the norms of behavior and reason, what do you do?

I give them time, and tell them to think about what they did, if it is wrong or right. Mostly, they will understand and say sorry, and I forgive them. In Da’s case, she broke the law and also tradition. She deserves time to think about what she did. But as I said, what is being done to her is also not right.

But what if the child refuses to think and maintains that she is right, what do you do?

I tell them, I will not be with them forever, and that they will have to live with the consequence of their action.

You mean, you will let Da out of prison and forgive her?

No, I will not forgive her. But I will let her free. Punishment to get a result, does not work anymore. Children must be let free and face the consequence of their action and learn with free will.

But what if the child was going to do something really wrong?

I have many children who gets involve and love boys that are not good. Some of them will listen to my warning, but some will not. In the end, there is nothing one can do, but tell them about the consequences, and some of them become pregnant at early age. But what can I do, except warn them.

Is the Da case being used as a warning to all. And is that fair?

There is a fine line between warning and threatening. And perhaps this is why Amnesty International have gotten involved. Because many Thais feel threatened now, when expressing their free will and opinion.

I think it has gotten way beyond that in Thailand. What do you think?

I pray everyday, confess my sins and ask for forgiveness. However, I don’t ask to go to heaven. That is up to God. If it happens it happen, if not, it does not. But everyday, I make it the best.

Can you expect Da to learn a lesson, so let free?

I think to isolate Da in prison and pressure her, is the worse thing to do to Da. Because it will not teach her anything. She will suffer greatly and that will tell her that she has done nothing wrong. Unfortunately, I personally believe it has nothing to do with Da or teaching Da anything, but about other things. And that is not right.

Why is it not right?

Because Da is a human being and deserves to be treated as a human being, as an individual.

But the bottom line is, you still maintain that she deserves prison time because that is fair treatment?

I think she need time to think about what she did, but unfortunately, she is not given that opportunity. What is given to her, is just justification for more of the same. In Thailand’s case, these days, nothing is normal and ordinary anymore, and so nothing works.

So what should the Thais do now?

Pray and ask for forgiveness.

Is there no hope for the Thais?

A great deal of sins have been made in the past 10 years and continues today. Only love and peace can save the Thais now. But it is still a war. Personally, earthly wise, I believe in democracy and freedom. Thailand has a great deal of that. The Thai kings have granted religion freedom for centuries, and I appreciate that grant and freedom. But in these days, earthly wise, it is democracy and freedom in everyday life that the people want.

Thank you very much sister.

You are welcome.

We need writer, are you interested?

Sorry, I am dedicated to teching young children and have no time.

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