Human Rights: Are the “Hate Taksin” Thai NGOs Throwing Away their Extreme Right Feathers

By Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

The Thai NGO community hated Taksin so much, most of them made a right wing turn and kept absolutely quiet during the coup and much of the current Abhisit current ruling of Thailand. But all that is changing, and are on the verge of going actively activist. And in fact, some already have.

If you know Thailand, you know that investment is critical right now. If you know Abhisit, he is the biggest fan of investments. And if you know Thai politics, the guy in control can get anything done-one way or another.

But against all of that a group of NGO has successfully blocked about US$12 billion dollars worth of investments in petrochem and other heavy industry. What ever side you might be on, on development and environment, you got to hand it to these NGOs as far as not blinking an eye when faced with the type of storm they are confronting.

Then suddenly, the Thai Human Rights Commission, who many have wondered for a very long time now if they were into human rights or are they into right wing right, suddenly went against all that history of supporting the right wing, and said Abhisit invocation of the emergency decree to meet the red protest, was over reacting and they oppose it.

And believe it or not, the head of this very right wing human rights commission said he wished the body had power on the issue in Thailand because a great deal of violation of human rights is going on. Well he stopped short on the subject of lese majeste, but that could be because of fear of loosing their jobs more than anything else.

Then Meechai, the condom guy and the icon of Thai NGO community, was elevated to head the government’s grassroots stimulus spending after corruption buffeted the spending. So now an NGO is holding the control of a major spending campaign to improve the quality of life of the grassroots.

So on trade and investments impacts, Thai NGOs are very active. In human rights they are popping up their heads and becoming active. And in grassroots cum government spending they are also active again.

Knowing how NGOs network and share information, like a close knitted quit, it looks like the Thai NGO community is ready to go activist again-meaning being a part of the liberated side of the equation-and shedding its right wing feathers.

Thai NGO hates Taksin to the maximum over Taksin’s fight to combat drug traffickers with extreme measures that reportedly caused much death and mayhem. But many of them have slowly join in Taksin fight, reasoning that Taksin is the only choice to fight the right wing, which many NGO now see as worse than Taksin.

Yet many other simply have recovered from the anti-Tasin reaction and are now finding their centers again. And to most Thai NGOs the center is the people at the grassroots level.

But will they go after Abhisit the way they did with Taksin?

Well a great many Thai companies now are into social responsibilities at a certain level and they need a great deal of help from sure NGO hands. And again, if you know Thailand, the right wing have pretty much bought out the country. And as far as media giving them the space and time of day? Again, no way, the right wing have that under control as well.

Even the story about NGO suing to stop the US$ 12 billion investment, gets buried deep inside and in most of the stories, most of it is from the people who are against the NGOs.

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