Royalism: The Doctor Who Extended Thai King, Bhumibol, Life

By Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

About 25 years ago, the Thai King, Bhumibol, fell into a serious illness, being a deteriorating heart. Back then, not like today, medical science was still full of theory, with little implementation alternative.

A group of doctors converged to take care of the Thai king, many of them the best in implementation, yet a few were theory based. A hot debate ensue between the doctors. Namely, should we implement the cure immediately since it had a great chance of curing the king right away because it would reduce the risk.

Yet one doctor stood firm, and said the proper theory indicates the Thai king would have the potential to live much longer, if deeper foundation of the illness was addressed, even if it meant taking on more short-term risk.

Well the doctor fought like mad. But this American graduate doctor has the latest theory on his side, and said, “It if the doctor’s moral duty to cure the patience, not just bandaging.”

That doctor, single-handedly, is responsible for the Thai king to live till today.

The Thai have a very scary saying that, “Never make great merit alone because the good Karma will be too great and it will destroy you.” Two years later, that doctor was hit by digestive track cancer. It was a slow certain death back then. The doctor had a wife and kids he loved very much. And they huddled and cried together for a very long time.

The Thai King and Queen were heartfelt, and visited the doctor. And everyday on the hospital bed, as he got closer and closer to passing away,  the Thai King and Queen sent in fresh flowers to the doctor. They were these big flowers grown at the palace grounds.

There are times, like now, when Thailand is suffering from  the current Thai King illness. But Thailand is also suffering from an economic and political illness. Like in the way that doctor gave long life to the Thai King, instead of going for quick fix, in addressing Thailand’s economic and political ills, perhaps it is more important to address the fundamental problems that underlines the current crisis.

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