Politics: Abhsit’s Rough & Crazy Talk on “Secret Tape” mostly “Not Edited” says police

By Frank, this blog political journalist

Abhisit is heading into a serious grilling at the next censure debate, as the latest from the Thai police says his speech telling the army to crack-down hard on the Red Shirt protest, is in fact, mostly not edited, especially the important parts.

The Abhisit government came out to deny Abhisit gave the order for a hard crack-down, and turned to a Thai forensic expert to test the speech if it was edited and spliced Abhisit words together. The expert said it was edited and the Red Shirt, who bought the attention to the speech, were greatly embarrassed.

The opposition in the last parliament meeting, grilled Abhisit on the issue and maintained that the taped speech was what Abhisit said. The opposition maintains that the edited parts were about erasing the people, who participated in the speech, voices out to protect themselves.

The implication is critical. If the portion of speech indeed shows Abhisit calling for a tough crack-down, is not edited to splice the words together, apart from being grilled in parliament, it could mean breaking the law.

However, the Thai police is currently a highly politicized unit. And while independent laboratory exists, the credibility lies mostly with the police investigation. Some Thai media have researched the taped speech and found the case to be along the line of what the police said. However, the story is getting not attention at the moment.

The Thai media that investiogated the situation said in its reseach that, “There is no way the Thai will understand the complicated diagrams and charts involved in finding the truth of what Abhisit actually said on the edited speech.”

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