Journalism: Should You Weep for Thailand? Matichon, a Thai Newspaper, Has the Answer

By Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

While Thai Rath is neutral and sells about 2 million copies a day, Matichon is considered for the intellectual in Thailand, but sells about a quarter of Thai Rath. While it is a must to read and translate Thai Rath, at times it is critical to follow Matichon because it gives clear and concise data and facts.

The following are some stories in Matichon in the past few days, and if you feel like weeping for Thailand, maybe the following may really make you weep.

In answering question if there will be a coup or not in Thailand, Matichon quoted Senior Thai military as saying:

  • “The first Army Region as the the action task force is ready to support every government actions. I guarantee there will no coup when the prime minister is in New York.”

Implication: The army is fractured.

In reporting the latest Thai internal security meet, headed by Abhisit, Matichon reported that Abhisit as saying:

  • “I want the ISOC to build up the mass into a group that supports the government against the Reds.”

Implication: Abhisit is on a head-on collusion course with the Reds.

In reporting the latest from the police, Matichon reported top police now under Abhisit for a few more days, as saying:

  • “We think the situation in Thailand will get wose and we urgently need about 81 million baht for crowd control equipment.”

Implication: Freedom and liberty under pressure.

In assessing the impact of the government’s “National Unity Campaign, that calls all Thais to sing the National anthem, Matichon said:

  • “It could backfire because people are being pressured to the follow the campaign and it is not free will.”

Implication: Nationalism being hyped up.

In reporting of Korn’s talk to the stock market, Matichon reported senior stock market managers as saying:

  • “Korn has asked about the stock market development fund.”

Implication: The stock market development fund is about US$1 billion and it is important to the stock market.

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