Competitiveness: Did Thailand Just let Abhisit “Do” New York?

by Frank, this blog political journalist

Get this! Abhisit is telling those very sophisticated folks in New York about Democracy, Thai unity and that Thailand is a great place to invest.

Like really, you got the World Bank making a statement today lowering its estimate of Thai growth because of politics.

Like realty, you got the American Ambassador saying yesterday Thai custom is giving American business a great deal of problems.

Like really, you got the clash at Phra Vihard and the Red Shirt broadcaster even by the VOA and BBC.

Like really, you got Washington Post, trashing Thai politics two days ago on the 2006 coup anniversary.

Like really, you got the Hollywood Reporter and Variety reporting on Thai tourism official head corruption in a series.

Like really, Amnesty International just criticized Thailand about lese majeste.

Like really…..Like really… really

But really my Thai friends, Wharton says the worse thing you can do, is going to the market in a big way when the product is not ready.

Is Thailand and Abhisit ready to go do the New York thing?

Well, it may look good for the average Thai, but to sophisticated people, it is a major embarrassment to have Abhisit be talking about Democracy, unity and Thailand as great place to be.

Don’t you think!

Yes New Yorkers are liberals and they feel sorry for Thailand and also probably for Abhisit. But I rather have see a Thai that is respected and credible.

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