ASEAN Defense: Thai Navy in 3 Billion Baht Beef Up Series

by Stingray, this blog national security journalist

The Thai navy is beefing up its navy in a series of purchases, started with anti-submarine warfare capabilities and also in fast patrol crafts.

The Thai navy, through the Ministry of Defense, tabled the new orders to the Thai cabinet today for improvements to its Sea Hawk helicopters, to equipped them with advance anti-submarine warfare capabilities from L3 Communications Ocean System, USA. The 3 fast attack patrol crafts are from Marsun.

The moves come as Thai and Cambodia are in dispute over territories that are rich in oil and gas reserves. The move is the first in a series of orders expected over the next 6 months that many observer sees as preparation to protect Thai ocean area sovereignty.

Intelligent sources told this blog that “Other oreders are also taken place” but for national security reasons, these orders are most likely going through secret channels. News are coming out of Europe and US of senior Thai navy officials showing interest in some “classified equipments.”

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