Politics: Key coalition leader in the Abhisit government, Nevin is “Partying Hard”

By Frank-this blog political journalist

Nevin the Happiest Guy at Hollywood Planet:

Nevin, the head of Phum Jai Thai Party, who planned a party for tomorrow ahead of today ruling on his rubber tree corruption charge, gets to party as planned.

Thai Court Keeps Party on Rocking:

The Thai court gave a ruling that went according to what most Thais expected-Not Guilty. The right wing government of Abhisit is held in place very much because of Nevin. If he was found guilty, it would have meant the end of the coalition and Abhisit rule.

Poll Says Thai Courts Party Animals:

In a recent poll, most Thais say their courts are not just and has a double standard. The case against Nevin came about when Nevin was an ally of Taksin, where the coup of 2006 set up a body stacked with anti-Taksin people to go after Taksin.

Thai Press Hold Private Party:

Most Thai press found it odd that Nevin would organize a party before the ruling is heard. Some mass circulated Thai newspapers reports complicated plots that will see Nevin escape justice. Most Thai press are of the opinion that the ruling was a sure “Not Guilty” days and weeks before the ruling.

Taksin Not Invited:

Taksin was not accused of corruption in this case. Nevin is now Taksin main competitor in the E-Sarn region. A guilty verdict would have change the balance of power greatly in favor of Taksin. As an ally of Taksin, Nevin was censure by the Democrat Party for encroachment on state land. However, after joining the Democrat Party, that case became un-important.

Nevin is a Wild and Crazy Guy:

Nevin is considered highly capable manager and rose through the ranks to become the trouble-shotter for Taksin, but ended up shotting down Taksin when he and the military got together to prop up Abhisit. The relation has soured somewhat and everything the goes on in the Thai government and much of its institutions, is considered to be up for bargaining between the two parties-including this party.

Shark Fin on the Party’s Menu

Oh, by the way, the neutral mass circulated daily Thai Rath reports that shark fin soup was ordered for the party. Shark fin soup is very expensive and the dish is salty. Salty is what the Thais usually call people from Southern Thialand. But in this case, the dish migh be really a gift of sweetness.

Rubber Tree Plantation Owners Flip the Party Bill:

Now lets see? Big celebration, about 200 people expected. Good shark fin soup is about 1,000 baht a plate. Wonder how those poor rubber plantation owners feel, especially when Channel 3 did an investigative report to find that the rubber trees were of poor quality.

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