Thai Culture: A few key Thais “Opinion” on the popular with middle class 2006 Coup

By Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

Taksin, Red Shirt leader, “Thais are more un-happy today than before the coup.”

  • Comment: It could be because of Abhisit failure more than anything else.

For Thai MP, Apiwan, “Everything has gotten worse after the coup.”

  • Comment: Sure, you are now in the opposition and is worse off.

Somjet, Secretary of Coup, “Taksin will be the richest guy in the world and the people bankrupt, if not for the coup.”

  • Comment: Yeah, like Abhisit government is not full of corruption.

Democrat MP, Sathit, “The voting public has never been stronger and more represented.”

  • Comment: The dictionary says the word lies is what the Thai Democrat Party does best.

Dusit, of the Thai Chamers of Commerce, “For the past 3 years has been the most sorrowful.”

  • Comment: Actually, the future will be getting worse and these days, will be remembered as the best.

Disit, attorney General, “There is no neutrality or objectivity in Thailand. Everyone has been politicized.”

  • Comment: Yes, I agree, including the Thai justice system.

Pitch, of Chula University, “The coup resulted for the first time that the people went criticizing the palace.”

  • Comment: Its call backfire and Chula should start getting this.

David, Australian Intelligence, “It cause Australian investments years of delays.”

  • Comment: The coup actually saved the planet from environmental degradation.

Journalist, German News, “The spending on the military under the coup went up massively.”

  • Comment: Actually as a portion of GDP, its way down my friend.

Anupong, Thai Top Brass, “I am not a super-hero to stage another coup.”

  • Comment: Actually only super-bad-guys stage coups.

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