Politics: Have the “Psychotic” Yellow Shirts Turned “ Frightened & Scared”

By Stingray, this blog’s national security journalist

  • “The Yellow Shirt many think it is all mighty with high places connection, but against the Cambodian, they turned truly yellow.”

Comment: The Yellow Shirt is highly connected and violent prone, but against the Cambodians who say they will shoot, the Yellow Shirt have backed off.

  • “Everything opposite of what Panithan says, is the actual truth of what is going on in Thailand.”

Comment: Panithan, the government spokesman, has been leaking out so much information that like the former Soviet empire news agency Tass, anything it says is taken by the public as the opposite is in fact the truth. Panithan now says some forces are on the outskirts of Bangkok to instigate the Red Shirt protest.

  • “The US Ambassador has a way of getting involved by not getting involved.”

Comment: The US ambassador said invoking the emergency decree is an internal affair of Thailand, but said the protest is according to democratic principles. That left many wondering what he really means and how involved he really is in Thai internal affairs.

  • “Anupong is not afraid of Abhisit or Saprang, but afraid of Taksin and the Red Shirt.”

Comment: Rumor has it that Anupong is afraid of Abhisit will replace the minister of defense with Saprang, an enemy of Anupong. But in fact, Aunpong got all his people appointed to solidify the military under his control and the only thing Anupong is afraid of, is that Taksin return may stir unrest on the many Taksin military loyalist who were sacked by Anupong.

  • “The reason Anupong didn’t stage the coup, is because he already has.”

Comment: Some say that in fact Anupong has already stagges a quiet coup, having now isolated Abhisit and the Yellow Shirt to being little child lost, with his coalition with Phum Jai Thai and Chart Thai Pattana, totally hard solid now.

  • “It’s not amending the constitution for Democracy, but amending it to solidify the right wing.”

Comment: The constitution is being amended so that Chart Thai Pattana and Puum Jai Thai will have a better chance of winning the next election against Taksin-that is a force closer to Democracy, Liberty and Social Justice that any other major forces in Thailand.

  • “The government is preparing an alternative work site for the Red Shirt protest, only because of the LRAD.”

Comment: The police lan to use the LRAD high frequency sound device with the Red Shirt crowd and that means the LRAD will penetrate where the government works and so they are preparing an alternative work place to get away from the painful sound.

  • “Abhisit is going to talk his mouth off with the Thais, during his New York trip, is to show off his accomplishment in New York”

Comment: Abhisit is heading to New York at a time many question his leadership ability, so Abhisit will try to show off himself meeting important people to show how important he is.

  • “The best way to gauge when the Red Shirt will start getting serious is when Taksin gets serious with his Tweet.”

Comment: Taksin is Tweeting a lot, but it is mostly lets party type of messages, with little serious tone to it. But intelligent analyst have long place a great deal of its analysis on the mood of key people as a good indicator.

  • The Third Colum rumors is to justify violence, by everyone, if violence breaks”

Comment: The Red Shirt is protesting today, with rumors of the Third Column agitating the gathering, but some it is seen as laying the rational to use violence by anyone.

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