Justice: Thaksin Corruption Cases Poping Up Convieniently is the “Real Prof” on Thai Justice System

By Frank, this blog political journalist

Several corruption cases on Taksin have popped up in the past two weeks, as the Thai press continues to exposed massive Abhisit grassroots corruption.

In the past 2 weeks, the Alpine case emerged, the Ratchada land scandal emerged again, the nominee case emerged, and the on and off foreigners buying Thai farm land gets a new push-all following the other-with the ebb and flow of the Abhisit corruption case.

These cases are so old and have been and still are in the pipeline, many wonder how on earth can they “All” be emerging at about the same time? And why now?

But most Thais are not surprised. In the latest poll on the Thai justice system, most Thais see it as “Un-just.”

The Alpine case is about a temple donated land being sold for a gulf course that Taksin eventually bought. The Ratchada land is about Taksin helping his wife bid for state control land, the nominee case is about how Taksin may have used a complicated structure to escape tax. And the foreign buying Thai farm land emerged when Taksin bought middle eastern billionaires to see Thai farms.

All of these cases are hitting the news in a major way, currently.

The Red Shirt, who supports Taksin, says one of their major cause in protesting the government is a “Double Standard” in the Thai justice system, that goes after Taksin, and does little to the supporters of Abhisit and the right wing.

Yesterday, the Thai attorney office recommended no pressing charged against the Yellow Shirt occupation of the government house, saying “The Yellow Shirt did not mean to do it.” The case against the Yellow Shirt occupation of the airport, that caused a Thai central bank estimate damage of US$5 billion is also about a year old now and little action have been taken.

Meanwhile, as the mass circulated Thai Rath reported, “The grassroots corruption is a systemic corruption that involves people at all levels, but the government have only charges very low level people for the wrong doing, and that is an insult on the Thai people.”

Abhisit did an investigation and fired about five lowly Democrats for the offense.

The grassroots corruption sees massive corruption of the government stimulus, involving thousands and thousands purchasing projects that pushed goods onto small community across Thailand at close to doubling market price. Many in Thailand said such a massive level of corruption can not occurred and gone on for so long, if not for involvement from senior people.

That senior people, includes the relative of Korbsak, the Thai in charged of finance for Abhisit, who elevated his brother to head the unit, that ultimately reported to Korbsak and Abhisit chairs the unit.

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