Thai Culture: Jokes Foreign Intelligence Community are Telling About Thailand

By Stingray-this blog national security journalist

  • Guess how CIA torture terrorist at secret cells in Thailand? Answer, they get Go-Go dancers to dance for the Israeli intelligent people who are also in Thailand with the CIA-right in front of terrorist.

Comment: Apart from the CIA, MOSAD or the Israeli intelligence are also rumored to be in the game. 

  • Thais are so down, why on earth does the government want every Thai to stand at 18.00 and sing the national anthum with the lowering of the flag?

Comment: Thais are feeling depress and the government wants every Thai to sing the national anthum at 18.00 as a way to solve Thailand deep divide by uniting under the flag.

  • What does the Thai ISOC (internal security operation command) stands for? Answer, “involved in sucking off (governments) c–k.”

Comment: The ISOC lately have been turning its back on the Thai military and kissing Abhisit’s butts big-times. 

  • Looks like “Payak” (fierce animals) turned into Pussy Cats (cute feline).

Comment: Payak is the term the Thai top brass calls themselves and it is meant to strike fear into others. But they have been hammered hard by Abhisit.

  • They wished they had the submarines to ram it up the French ass now.

Comment: Cambodia gave France oil firm Total the right to explore for oil and gas in a very rich area that is in dispute with Thailand. The Thai navy has been demanding from various governments for a fleet of submarines, which are a great neutralizer, for a long time.

  • Why did god make these Asians guys looks all the same, because I had a hell of a time tracking who went into what fighter.

Comment: Thailand and Malaysia have held joint airforce combat practice with the Thai wanting to take a try at Malaysian Russian advance fighters, because Vietnam now has the fighters as well and the Thai pilot wants to evaluate the Russian planes to prepare for air combat with its F-16.

  • Guess who is the biggest terrorist in Thailand? Answer, the anti-corruption body.

Comment: The Thai anti-corruption have been striking fear into the Thais for so long, everyone is freaking out that ultimately, the anticorruption body that is very politicized is destroying Thailand just like terrorist are doing.

  • Well at least with Israeli gun, the terrorist will not touch it.

Comment: The Thai army just spend about 1 billion baht on Israeli guns that many says is the wrong move because it will anger terrorist further and be used as a propaganda tool by terrorist.

  • Guess what is the political choices in Thailand is? Answer, a quiet coup or tanks on the street coup.

Comment: Well, rumor of a coup has been going on for a long time now, with Thai politicians having little clue to what the solution to Thailand’s problems are.

  • While ISOC plays the bad cop, and the army plays good cop, guess who is playing the boss? Answer, a young kid name Abhisit.

Comment: Well, in the mean street, sometimes a young bossy boss does not go down well at all, especially with the older and mature realist crowd.

  • Why is Abhisit so mean to the Vongsuwarn family? Answer, because Abhisit says it is already even having given the Vongsuwarn family control of the Defense Ministry.

Comment: The Vongsuwarn family used to be the most powerful family as far as controlling actual force is concerned but Abhisit has assassinated the family with many saying that Abhisit reasons that his elevating the family there had even the score already.

  • Thailand is the next domino because Abhisit plans to take control of the police, then the Defense Ministry and then the military top position.

Comment: Well, some figure Abhisit is set on taking control of Thailand-like totally and in the way is the military.

  • Guess why the Red are more dangerous now than ever? Because it now has three heads and three tails.

Comment: The reds have splintered into three main groups, first Taksin supporters, then anti-royalty, and then pro-democracy and social-justice. Some say this means a very complicated puzzle at the Reds if anyone want to get serious enough to negotiate a peace settlement in Thailand.

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