Competitiveness: Americans to Thai School to Match Thais to American Schools

by Tammy and Stingray-this blog humanity and national security journalist

Latest classified figure shows Americans heading to Thai school for education is at 2,500, while Thai to American schools at 9,000, with American to Thai schools out-pacing Thai to America by 30% a year. At this rate, the numbers will equalize in about 5 years.

The trend is placing a great alarm to the US Embassy in Thailand over security for American students in Thailand as Americans have been the prime targets for terrorist.

“It is safe here but there will be many more American students in  Thailand in the next five years. Thai school have good security but it needs to get much better, if it were to become widely accepted,” said a foreign intelligent operative.

American intelligence source told this blog that Thailand’s education quality and cost is attractive an ever increasing number of American students to Thai schools, however, this is placing “Measured Concern” on the security of Thai schools.

“We get request for the status of terrorism activity in Thailand and from American parents it is about the general safety and security situation and we have had to visit many popular Thai schools to look at their security measures…..Thai schools can become much more popular with American parents if they can match some other ASEAN countries like Singapore on security….The best place for Thai educators to learn about security is from some of the schools in Europe,” said the intelligent operative to this blog.

He said that while American tourist comes to Thailand in great numbers, American tourists tend to blend in and have no substantial central point to converge, apart from some venue the operatives will not mention, but said that at Thai schools, these American stand out and are known to the student body and thus there are risks involved of exposure and targeting.

“There is no absolute safety but it is a concern,” he said, adding, “We are still recommending Thailand as a safe place.”

Thailand has established education as an emerging industry to advance. Its schools are highly popular, however, the current right wing environment has eroded the reputation of Thailand’s education institution as being a “Closed Forum” with limited free flow of information and a lack of critical thinking.

In the latest push bu the Thai Education Ministry, Thailand is attempting to break the tradition of “memorization” and inject “Creativity, Objectivity and Critical Thinking” into its curriculum. The right wing government of Abhisit in fact is placing attention on a Thai “Creative Economy.”

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