Politics: Yellow Shirts Asking for a US$4 million to Create a “Political Aware for Thais”

By Frank-this blog political journalist

The official news outlet of the Red Shirt, Thai e-news, just reported that the Yellow Shirt plans to ask Abhisit for US$4 million to support a campaign to get Thais to be “Politically Aware.”

“We suspect this is a ploy to use tax money to build their political party,” said Thai e-news.

In the submission to a Thai unit that Abhisit control, that gives grants to help Thai improve their mental and physical health, key Yellow Shirt leaders are listed as the director of the project, and also stated hefty salary for the project administration that is aimed at creating about 6,500 Politically Aware leaders, spreaded in some 40 provinces. The project rationality is that Politically Aware brings better mental and physical health.

The unit that makes the grant, as reported by Thai e-news is chaired by a person who have attended and supported the Yellow Shirt protest. Abhisit is also a director of the unit.

The Yellow Shirt have since transformed the protest movement into a new political party. The party propagates “New Politics” which in the Yellow Shirt context, means limited power to election and elected politicians, and to use appointments of politicians instead.

The Yellow Shirt helped put Abhisit in the prime minister seat by destabilizing the pro-Taksin government through its occupation of the government house and the Thai main airport, Suvanaphum that the Thai central bank says cost the Thai economy US$5 billion dollars.

Relations between the Yellow Shirt and Abhisit have been strained, however, particularly about Abhisit’s handling of the police over the crime of the airport occupation, and a disputed track of land between Thailand and Cambodia.

But Abhisit have been focus on not letting the relation sour to the extent that the Yellow Shirt start protesting the government. The Thai foreign minister, Kasit, is a key Yellow Shirt supporter and is keeping the relation with the Yellow Shirt on good terms.

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