ASEAN Defense: Secret CIA Prison Scandal Leads UN to Thai Deep South

By Stingray-this blog national security journalist

Yesterday, the UN officially asked Thailand for permission to set up a UN observer unit  in Thailand’s Deep South, after having completed an investigation of secret CIA prison in Thailand that used torture.

“This is an internal situation of Thailand and none of the UN business. I reject the UN move as interfering into the internal situation of Thailand, said Suthep, who handles security for Abhisit.

During the Taksin administration of Thailand, the UN also tried to get involve with Thai internal affairs, to which Taksin uttered the words, “UN is not my father” to which the Democrat Party of Abhisit, then in the opposition, attacked Taksin for not respecting international laws.

Bangkok Pundit, a popular blogger on Thailand with foreigners, also reported yesterday that Amnesty International has documented cases of torture and summary execution carried out by Thai military in the Deep South.

The US Senate had been investigating the Bush administration use of secret prison, located across the globe in many countries, to torture and interrogate suspected terrorist. The investigation lead to information that such CIA prison also existed in Thailand. While Thailand denied the CIA’s testimony to the US Senate, the UN stepped in and began an investigation of their own, that also indicated such prison existed in Thailand.

Close relation between the CIA and the Thai military and government can be traced back to the time of the Taksin administration of Thailand, where key international terrorist were arrested in Thailand and “believed” to have been sent to Guantanamo for interrogation.

Taksin was greatly criticized and attempted to distance himself from the CIA, however, news leaked out later of close CIA and Thai military ties in combating terrorism in Thailand Deep South. The key objective back then was to prevent international linkages between Thai and international terrorist groups.

According to the CIA’s testimony to the US Senate, the secret prison occurred during the command of Thai military who later staged the coup against Taksin. Anupong, the current Thai top brass, who took part in the coup, said a few years ago, when rumors of the secret CIA prison broke in Thailand, said, “I guarantee 1,000% that there is no CIA prison in Thailand.”

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