Royalism: Royalist Angered at Abhisit says Thais “Should Not be Attache to Individuals”

By Frank-this blog political journalist

The Democrat Party of Abhisit has angered Thai Royalist for planning to spread the message “Don’t be attach to individuals.”

Many observer of Thailand says the Thai system is unique in that it is based on the patronage system, where individuals keep their respect for higher ranking individual. While this system has hurt Thailand’s democratic and social-justice development, many Thais still maintain that this patronage system is unique in Thailand.

The Democrat party of Abhisit is attacking the Red Shirt, by trying to paint the red shirt as just a bunch of Thais who are attached to Taksin. While that may be the case, under the patronage system, that attachment and respect is considered acceptable.

However, Royalist are saying that in the attack, the Democrat Party of Abhisit is verging on bringing down the patronage system, where in Thailand, most Thais are royal to the palace and the Thai king. Most Thais identify themselves closely to the individuals of the palace, with many seeing the Thai king as a father.

“What does Abhisit mean whan he says don’t be attach to the individual. Thailand is about being attach to the individual,” said the royalist. The royalist pointed out the fact that the Democrat Party has been known to make this type of “Stupid Mistake” before.

“A few years ago another Democrat Party leader went after a former Thai priome minister, attacking him of not being a Thai and so not suited to be the prime minister, because he was borne in a foreign country……It ended up that foreign news agencies went running story that His Majesty is borne in the US……The Democrat Party became the laughing stock on the global scale and it embarrassed everyone greatly including the palace,” said the royalist.

In countering Taksin and his lead of the red Shirt, the Abhisit is allocating massive amount of money for a “Unity Thailand Campaign” that will call Thais at all levels to join in and “Show force against Taksin lead Red Shirt.”

The key message during this massive campaign that will be carried across Thailand will be “Don’t be attach to the individual.”

Many Royalist says that the Abhisit message may backfire and start to get Thais to stop supporting the patronage system, which is the cornerstone of the Thai Royalty System.

Abhisit himself is copying much of Taksin populus policies that have gotten Thais to attach themselves to Taksin and is trying to win over Thais to attach themselves to the Demopcraty Party.

TDRI or the Thai development think tank is trying to break that chain of attachment, saying that a welfare state is better than a populus state because it dis-connects the people from attachment to politicians and instead will result in Thais atttachment to the state.

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