Human Rights: Police High-tech “Sound Blast” Crowd Control Device may Leaves Abhisit Facing Massive Law Suits

by Tammy-this blog humanity journalist

The police high-tech device that spreads high pitch sounds against protesters is leaving Abhisit and his entire cabinet exposed to massive amounts of law suits and can bring international human rights activist attention to Thailand.

International human rights activist have been highly critical of Thailand’s overall human rights condition, particularly torture and lese majeste laws, and have petitioned the UN to investigate Thailand. Today Thailand rejected UN’s official request to put in an observer unit in Thailand’s Deep South, where Amnesty International had doicumented many cases of abuse.

Post Today, part of the smart right-wing Bangkok Post group reported two days ago that the LRAD high tech police crowd control unit can cause “Permanent psychological and Hearing Damage” to those subjected by the device.

The Red Shirt are reportedly gathering doctors testimonies of their patience conditions that have been inflicted by the device in a previous protest. The police said they plan to use the device again in for the 19th protest by the red Shirt.

The Abhisit government are in internal conflict over the appointment of the top Thai police. The Thai anti-corruption body also ruled against the previous government and senior police on its crackdown of a violent prone group of protesters. The combination have resulted in the police saying in private that they will keep a “Neutral Gear” on the 19th Red Shirt protest.

In response, Abhisit and his cabinet says they will put the crowd control order in writing for the police to carry out and take responsibility for everything that occurs.

However, the Abhisit government have invoked the Emergency Decree, against the Thai Human Rights Commission opposition, and under the Emergency Decree, the government and those who carry-out the crowd control are exempt from any wrong-doings.

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