Politics: “Maximum Fear” & How Abhisit’s junta is Freaking Out on Red Shirts “School”

By Frank-this blog political journalist

Rise of a New Political School:

As the staunch right wing school, Chula, long considered Thailand best school, tanks in rating to 7th place on the best school list, as other “Not so politicized schools” took the top spots-Thailand’s educators are having to confront a new reality. And that is the rise of a new political school-the Red Shirt School.

The Red says it is targeting to get 1 million people, mostly, young people to attend the Red Shirt School. There, they will be taught about democracy, social justice and the failure of the “Thai State.”

Curriculum Focus on Democracy:

They will also teach about the rise of a “New Thai State.” The Democrat Party is going apes over this New Thai State. But why is that? Is this just another lie? because senior civil servants just met Abhisit and they said the Thai State has failed, and there need to be a “Totally New Direction.”

Democrats Freaking Out:

It is even a new “Lowly” standard for the Democrat big month Thapthai, who just could not control his fear and uttered the words “Raw, Shit, and Neanderthal” to described the Red School to a bunch of journalist.

But it is not just with him, the entire democrat party is up in arms, calling for practically every government agency to investigate the Red School curriculum to see if it is “Dangerous for national Security.”

Why is that?

  • Well, Thai e-news, the official Red Shirt news agency, just reported that mature adults age 40-50 with a bachelor degree, who are business owners, senior civil servants and professionals-are its main readers.
  • Then a recent poll found that the Democrat Party strongest supports comes from young people right after schools. And as the age group goes up, the support for the Democrat Party just evaporates-and this taking into account the all hail Democrat Southern Thailand.
  • Every year, hundred of thousands of young people enter the vote casting age and the Democrat relies on this young crowd a great deal.
  • In fact, the Democrat Party is so focused on this, they are the only political party in Thailand, that sees the Education Ministry, as a grade “A” ministry that they need to control, because it controls the teachers, who control the students, who will be entering the voting age pool.

The Bottom-Line:

 The bottom line that scares the Democrat is not the curriculum, but that the school will be fortifying a weak point of the Reds, and hitting the Democrat where it hurts-and that is in the fight for the young people hearts and minds.

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