ASEAN Defense: Thai Army’s Israeli Guns in Deep South may “Spur” hate

By Stingray-this blog national security journalist

Bin Laden Warns America on Israel:

Today, Bin Laden, the guy who kills innocent people at random, issued a statement warning America that America’s close ties to Israel, is not conducive to good relations with the Muslim world. And two days ago, the Thai army reported that it was spending about 1 billion baht to re-arm Thai soldiers with Israeli guns.

Yesterday, 5 Thai military men were killed by terrorist and the Thai top brass is rushing to the Deep South. “We will be more careful and focus on effectiveness, but the basic policy will not change,” said the top brass.

Israeli Guns Highly Effective “But”:

“The guns are highly modern and it will make the Thai soldiers ready to meet any threat,” said the Thai army. The guns are highly modern and effective indeed, being light and highly accurate-and needs little up-keep.

However, the problem, one foreign intelligent source told this blog, is that: “Thai terrorist and the Muslin in the Deep South may not like it one bit.” In fact, some reports indicated that terrorist are already publishing fliers with picture of Thai soldiers carry guns with big “Made in Israel” graphic on them-and then spreading it around.

While there is no doubt the Israeli guns are one of the best globally, there are other guns equally effective from countries that are politically neutral available. Some of these are from Europe. But Thai army sources told this blog than the problem is really the government, because “European weaponry are more costly, and we are strapped budget wise, and have little choice.”

New Deep South Divide:

The Isreali guns are coming on top of “Very Fractured Reports” from the Deep South, about a “New Divide” occurring there, between the town and cities and the surrounding areas. And even with this new divide, coming on top of existing divide between the Bangkok government and the Muslim dominated Deep South, Suthep, the Abhisit government’s security chief, just said today that: “The government will not change its policy.”

Suthep Focus on Economic development:

Suthep is focusing on economic development to lift the Deep South out of being a hotbed of dissent, to being a supportive of Bangkok. Latest polls of the Deep South supports Suthep, because it says the people there want Bangkok to help develop the economy. 

The problem is that all the reports coming out of the Deep South says Bangkok is just targeting the town and cities and leaving the remaining area with little attention. “They don’t even go out to meet anyone outside of the towns and cities, because of fear of being hit. That leaves the military going into these areas and the unfortunate fact is that even Amnesty International is reporting abuse and killings by the Thai soldiers,” said the intelligence source.

“It will take 10 years to develop the Deep South and help stop the terrorist,” said Thai top brass.

Insensitivity Reign:

The news of Israeli guns is hitting the Deep South at a time terrorist are angered by news that Bangkok had let the CIA use Thailand’s territory for torture of Muslim terrorist suspects. Some key reports now indicate that Thai terrorist and international terrorist have “Linked-Up” and are transferring know-how to the Thai terrorist-especially with news that Thai terrorist are now using advance bomb arming devices. 

Then a massive video surveillance system, approved and put in place by the coup government, have failed to perform-with most of them being just empty boxes with no camera in them. Then some reports now says the Deep South village volunteer are stirring up more trouble and resentment than keep the peace-keeping objective going.

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