ASEAN Defense: 1) Tank Commander says “Coup is Close”

By Stingray-this blog national security journalist

“We are resisting, but a coup is close,” said a key Thai tank commander to this blog.

This blog reported earlier on  two important consideration, when deciding if a coup will occur in Thailand anytime soon, and that is first; the amount of resources that government will give to the Thai army and second; the pressure the government is levying on the military.

The disgruntlement of the government, have spreaded to other units as well and now key artillery units are demanding a coup.

“The government can not be trusted, because as they made their statement to up the salary of soldiers, they in fact have not done so and the cost of  living is going up……On top of that, we are all excited about the third calvary army being formed, because it means advancement for the rank and files, but again the government has not responded,” said the tank commander.

The tank commander said his unit is resisting the urge to stage a coup, “but my commander knows of our wishes for a coup, but it is closer to occurring, than many people think.”

The tank commander added that it was “Crazy” the way Abhisit went after a relative of key military commander and “embarrassed” him.

“This type of thing can not be allowed to occur with military people because we have to keep the chain of command of soldiers respectful and follow orders…..Abhisit simply do not understand the mentality of military people.” 

In other report, the latest re-shuffling of the Thai top brass, sees a key supporter of Anupong, rising up the ranks, and rumors of Saprang, a former Thai ISOC key operative, heading to the Ministry of Defense, hammered back into retirement. Saprang, while at ISOC, refused to accept his commander orders not to attack a group of surrounded terrorist, but instead attacking it and killing all.

As this blog has reported, the ISOC or internal security operation command, had broken protocol and is now “Highly” political, having called in all Thai key force commanders and attacked Taksin along the government line. Other key military linkages, such as Suthep of the Democrat Party, have been trying to negotiate a peaceful settlement with Taksin.

All of the above is occurring as Thai national security is being challenged as never before, from an active Yellow Shirt to the Cambodia situation. And all at a time with foreign governments are modernizing their armies equipment stack.

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