ASEAN Defense: 2) Thai Artillery Unit Commander says “Coup for Certain”

By Stingray-this blog national security journalist

A key artillery unit commander told this blog that “A Coup is Certain.”

“You can say anything you want about us Thai military men, but we are men of honor,” said the unit commander.

As this blog earlier reported, a coup appears near, as the rank and files are “Highly Charged” to stage a coup. However, traditionally, a Thai coup is staged by the calvary, especially a few tank commanders. However, in Bangkok, artillery units have traditionally supplied the ground force for the coup.

A top Thai military brass, who called in to this blog during the last hour, said however, that it is still 50-50 if they will stage a coup or not, but admitted: “The phone is ringing off the hook calling for us to stage a coup.” 

About a month ago, as the rumor of a coup was rampant in major Thai press, this blog reported that the Thai top brass said “Coup Not Yet” because the “Thai Economy” was not ready.

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