Politics: Thailand “On the Brink” with BKK Bombing, Yellow Shirts at Border & Military Expelling Cambodian

By Stingray-this blog national security journalist

  • Thailand “On the Edge”

Thai security situation is deteriorating fast, with bombing in Bangkok, the Yellow Shirt plans to expel Cambodians at Phra Viharn Relics and 50 fully armed and ready for battle Cambodian soldiers expelled from Surin temple relics.

“The government have ordered the police to beef up security for all corruption judges and also other senior government officials and others like members of the privy council,” said Suthep, the Abhisit’s government chief of security.

  • Abhisit going to New York, ASEAN Meet Coming Up:

Abhisit is leaving Thailand to address the UN in the fourth week of this month, at a time when the military is having to denied they plan a coup to get rid of Abhisit. Apart from the UN meet, coming up is the big ASEAN meet in Hua Hin where the Thai king resides. Many head of states are reported to be teetering on not attending, as the Red Shirt said they will stage mass protest during that event.

Earlier, the Singapore meet of ASEAN, also planned to take place soon, was buffeted by rumors of a major terrorism attack being planned.

  • BKk Bombing:

Today, a house that belonged to a Thai corruption member body was bombed. The bombing occurred right after the corruption agency ruled against several senior police and politicians on the crack-down of the Yellow Shirt protest that was on the verge of occupying the parliament.

  • Yellow Shirt Stir Up Trouble:

Meanwhile, the violent prone Yellow Shirt staged a mass protest today in an E-Sarn province and said they will move to the Phra Viharn Relics to “Evict” Cambodians who have settled down on disputed territories at the relic between Thailand and Cambodia.

  • Thai Army Expells Cambodian Soldiers:

Meanwhile, on the same day, the Thai army had to ask about 50 fully equiped for battle Cambodian soldiers not to visit a Surin province Khmer temple relics, saying to the Thai press, “If we allowed them to visit the site, they may position themselves there.”

  • ISOC Breaks Protocol:

All this moves comes at a time the Thai internal security apparatus has broken protocol and have sided with the Abhisit government, instead of going by a long-established protocol for the apparatus to support the military.

“Last week the ISOC (Internal Security Command Center) called all armed forces commanders of force units in for a meeting and the key speaker was a staunch royalist who attacked Taksin throughout the meet…..This comes at a time, Taksin is calling for reconciliation and in parliament the constitutional redraw is taking place and at a time relationship between the military high command and Abhisit is at breaking point……In these type of situations, violence have a way of breaking-out,” said a foreign intelligent source to this blog.

  • Security Precaution Heightened:

Last week the government ordered the police to beef up security around the Government House, to which the police put up road blocks at all roads leading to the place. The government said it received tip of potential attack on the government house.

  • Red Shirt on the Move:

The Red Shirt, also today, said they will go ahead with a massive protest against the government on the 19th of this month and will; move to protest privy council Prem’s residence. The 19th is the 3 year anniversary of the last coup and privy Prem is considered by many to have got the coup going.

“Let Abhisit go crazy by himself,” said a key Red Shirt leader after canceling a massive protest two weeks ago, in response of Abhisit invoking the emergency decree in preparation of the Red Shirt protest. Many saw the invocation over-reacting and questions its legitimacy. While polls in BKK indicated support for the invocation and tourism officials welcomed it, several security sensitive countries warned their tourist not to visit Thailand.

  • Government Wekened:

The current government has fell into disarray with coalition fighting to control the government. Abhisit is resisting the pressure, but appeared to have added to the pressure by not seeking a compromise and used his influences to exert pressure back onto those that are pressuring him.

Today, key coalition people appeared to have backed down, with statements denying any conflict existed and that they are not seeking a cabinet reshuffle. However, some of these key people have said in public that “There will be a time to even things and get back at Abhisit.”

  • Reconciliation Falls Apart:

Meanwhile, the Thai parliament will be open for discussion on the constitutional re-draw, that many hope will sole some of the conflict in Thailand. However, Abhisit have said that if anyone does not agree with it, he will seek to have the constitutional fixing be tabled for the public for a vote. Observers said in that case, it will be years before a re-draw happens.

  • The Bottom-Line:

“The bottom-line appear to be a serious national security threat from both internal and external sources at a time the government is very factionalized and weakened…..We hoped there will be some compromise and moderation but looks like things are deteriorating fast…….Its getting verry edgy,” said the foreign intelligent source.

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