Thai Culture: Thai Suicide Rate Doubles to 2 an Hour with “Happiness Index” Tanking!

By Tammy-this blog humanity journalist

Thai suicide rate in 2009 has double the 2002 figure of 1 suicide per hour to current 2 suicide per hour, according to TNN, True cable TV report. The report said the province with the lowest suicide rate is down south of SurajThanee-where the popular island Samui is attached to.

Young people all over the globe visits Samui for the wild and crazy “Full Moon Party” to let loose, booze up and enjoy some free sex. The parties of Samui is considered “The top thing to do before I die” by many young people.

One thing about Southern Thais is that they love each other and support each other,” said the TNN news person, adding that the beach is a great place to help “Cool the Spirits.”

“When it rain, the beach just turns into a heaven on earth and there is nothing like cuddling up close to a love one under a coconut tree, under the storm,” said the news person.

The news person said age that most Thai suicide occurs is 20-30, especially after graduation and during university. “The pressure is just so great with these new adults to fit into society,” said the news person.

According to reports, the biggest selling drugs in Thailand are sleeping pills, antidepressants and aspirin. The Thai happiness index is at a 10 year low point currently, based on politics and poor outlook for work. 

The following is the report in 2002:

Driven by depression and drug abuse, Thailand‘s suicide rate is increasing, the Mental Health Department warned Thursday.

The official agency said in a report that the present rate of successful suicide has jumped from last year’s 11 per 100,000 of the population to 13 per 100,000, or one per hour.

The report said surveys found in Thailand, suicides are more successful when attempted by men and the most popular suicide method among men is hanging while taking poison is more common among women.

Officials said loneliness and stress from living in single families contribute to more suicides.

Amphetamine, a popular illicit drug, is another major cause as the drug makes users fell insecure and distrustful of others.

The report said the number of Thai people suffering from depression has reached 3 to 4 percent of the total population and medication is much needed.

Officials urged the public and families to pay attention to depressed persons and those who have suicidal history need extra care.

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