Red Shirts Focus: Top Thai University & Thai Competitiveness Tanks while Red Shirts School Rises

By Tammy-this blog humanity journalist

According to study published in the Bangkok Post today, Thailand’s top right wing university, Chula, has fallen to 7th place of the ranking of top Thai university. And according to the Economics Forum, Thailand’s competitiveness has also tanked to 36 place from before being in the top 30 position.

“I have transferred out of Chula for a semester now because there, even if I want to put up a poster to express my views, the university will come and look at it and if they do not approve, they will just take the poster away and destroy it,” said Karn, a political student at Chula-who saw her poster supporting Ong San, taken away by the university.

Mean while, the Economic Forum said: “Thailand is facing two difficulties and first is to get growth going again and second solve the political divide. It is impossible in the current circumstances to expect Thai competitiveness to improve.”

Today, in the new issue of the Red controlled “Truth Today” the cover was the announcement of “Red School” that will teaching people about social-justice and democracy.

“We are targeting about 50 such school in key areas across Thailand by the middle of next year and they will not be political but will just simply state the case for democracy and social-justice in Thailand,” said Pong, a Red Shirt, in contact with this blog, of the plan.

Meanwhile, Abhisit have little to fear, of these developments.

“The polls says the young adult crowd is the strongest supporter of the government and polls also says high-school graduate still sees Chula as the best university. So Abhisit and the right wing can find some comfort in that there are still lots of inexperience and short-memory span people to keep fooling and lying to,” said Mark, a blogger on Thailand, out of California.

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