Politics: A “Messy Thailand Getting More Messy”

By Frank-this blog political journalist

The Anti-Corruption Body Ruling Factoid: Newspaper reports that the several people charged by the right wing anti-corruption body on the violent crack-down on the Yellow shirt, says the Yellow Shirt were armed, intended to occupy parliament, and the emergency decree was in effect-and so they will take legal action against those who are levying charges against them.

Comment: Well if the Red Shirt occupy the government house in the nex big gathering and Abhisit use force to quell it, guess what the anti-corruption body will do?

Bangkok Security Factoid:Newspaper reports that the government house is under tight security as road-blocks have been set up on all intersections leading to the government house. Police says they received tips of potential attack on the government house.

Comment: Looks like Bangkok is on the verge to be hit by Deep South terrorist or the emerging armed Red fraction.

Police Chief Factoid:Newspaper reports that Abhisit is using the appointment of other senior civil servants as a bargaining chip in getting his police chife nominee to head the politically important police chief post. 

Comment: The agancy looking after the Thai civil servants says they are forming a nationwide labor union for civil servants.

Constitutional Amendment Factoid:Newspaper reports that the driving force for the change is to change the size of the election coverage for each constituent area so that Taksin MPs will have less chance of winning the next election, by making it smaller so that MPs with good relation with the population will have a better chance of winning.

Comment: If you still have hope for a comprehensive political compromise to Thailand’s problems, forget about it.

Southern Violence Factoid:Newspaper reports that in a key study says that the root cause of terrorism in the Deep South is an un-just society dominated by Bangkok politics.

Comment: The same type of thing is spreading throughout the country and Thais are very independent people who take suppression very badly.

Strong Thai Stimulus Factoid:Newspaper reports that the underlying logic of the stimulus is to make money available for politicians to spend for first cementing the links with influential people and second build up funds for a war-chest in the next election.

Comment: What else do one expect?

Chula University Gathering Factoid:Newspaper reports that a major meeting at Chula to discuss the Thai political crisis, found that Taksin is the root cause of all of Thailand’s problems.

Comment: Chula is not an open school but a cult center of right wing.

Grass-roots Corruption Factoid: Newspaper reports that the grass-roots corruption is the result of systemic corruption but the Democrat white-wash of blaming it on some small fry, is an insult to anyone who can see the problem for what it is.

Comment: The word systemic corruption was created especially for Taksin.

Environment Factoid:Newspaper rapports that the a Thai parliament committee is up in arms over a government ministry charging those who encroached on forest land in Southern Thailand where the Democrat is strong with fines for heating up the globe with the encroachments.

Comment: This is the first of its type globally, but too bad it had to happen in Southern Thailand.

Taksin Media Factoid:Newspaper reports that it is a mistake that the Abhisit government allowed Taksin to be interview by MCOT radio since this is a danger to national interest, regardless of the fact that MCOT wanted Thais to see the situation on all sides.

Comment: Well the guy who interview Taksin is gone from MCOT.

Korn’s Controversial Position Factoid:Newspaper reports that Korn, the Thai Finance Minister, is attacking the central bank, drawing a great deal of criticism from rich land owners throughout the country for his land tax deal, and getting trashed by many staunch right wing supporters.  The bottom line is that Korn want to appoint a new central bank governor and many staunch right wing are positioning to pressure Korn for deals.

Comment: Control freak spread its wing.

Red Clashing Big Times Factoid:Newspaper reports that top leaders of the Red Shirt are fighting like mad now, spilling into even fighting for control of several media in the Red Shirt sphere of influence.

Comment: A total and complete spit looks near.


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