Red Shirts Focus: Report says Armed Red Shirts Fraction on the Way

By Stingray-this blog national security journalist

A secret report by a foreign intelligent agency has high-light the danger to Thai internal scurity with a potential development of an “Armed Red Fraction.”

“Several former key leaders of the Red Shirt have said in the past that fighting from within the system to change Thailand will fail as the right wing will not let go of their power and the financial gains that comes with it…..In the past, Taksin have kept this radicle fraction in the philosophy of working with the syatem……However, this fraction has now indicated that they will break away from Taksin control…….It appears that they will arm themselves,” said the secret report.

The report did not mention who these former Red Shirt leaders were. However, extreme red have traditionally meant Chakrapop, Surachai SaeDarn, and Jai.

“The straw that broke the camel’s back is the Da case, however, both Jai and Jakrapop are staunch human rights activist and if they arm themselves, the violence will most likely be political targets and not terrorism,” said the report.

This extreme red and the more moderate reds are currently in a verbal war, with the extreme red saying they will stage a mass protest.

The secret report said the unit feared that Taksin, who is going all out on reaching a compromise with the right wing and the reconsiliation measures by re-writing the current constitution, may not be enough to bring all parties to the table

“Things like this have a nature of their own and we fear it has now passed the time for a compromise and peaceful political settlement…….It is following down the same road as in Southern Thailand, where it is just too little too late……We can now only hope and pray Taksin can skuttle the extreme red,” said the report.

The potential of an armed red fraction, comes on top of strong evidence that Thai terrorist in the Deep South has now linked with foreign terrorist, as the arming device on bombs used by the deep south terrorist, have improved in sophistication.

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